How to grow pineapple starting from the tuft

How to grow pineapple starting from the tuft

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How to grow tufted pineapple: Many do not know that it is possible to grow a pineapple at home using the clump of leaves on top of the fruit. Let's see in detail the procedure for growing this wonderful fruit at home.

It is a classic and simple cultivation technique that allows us to have this wonderful fruit with multiple nutritional and therapeutic properties at home.

Why grow pineapple at home?

If you have a small terrace, don't throw the remains of the pineapple you buy into the garbage anymore, at least not the crown of leaves. You will only need a jug of water, a jar with soil and a lot of patience to grow another pineapple. It will be amazing to watch the pineapple grow day after day.

As we have already mentioned, pineapple has multiple beneficial properties; it is diuretic and purifying, it eliminates toxins, prevents constipation thanks to the contribution of fiber and, as if that were not enough, activates the metabolism and elimination of fats. Contains potassium, folic acid, vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, improves digestion and eliminates any intestinal parasites.

You can make excellent smoothies, desserts with pineapple, as well as delicious natural juices to start the day with the right energy. So what are you waiting for to grow pineapple at home?

How to grow a tufted pineapple, step by step procedure

Choose a healthy pineapple that is not soft to the touch and that has a nice green color on the crown, not brown or other dark colors. Another recommendation is to opt for an organic pineapple, which has not been treated with pesticides or other substances: with an organic fruit you will get another just as healthy.

Make sure that the fruit does not have dark or gray spots and that there are no insects. Basically, get yourself a pineapple in excellent condition, which will appeal to you for its healthy appearance.

  • First step

Detach the crown of leaves from the fruit with your hands, avoiding using a knife: it will be more effective to extract the roots of the plant. If you use a knife, you risk damaging the crown and compromising the growth of a new fruit.
Once this is done, remove any remaining pulp from the crown. From here the new fruits are born, for this reason it is necessary to clean it well and make sure that the roots re-emerge again. The underside also needs to be cut off to allow existing roots to emerge.

  • Second step

Keep the crown of leaves in the water. You will therefore need to get a large carafe that can hold the pineapple leaves. It will have to stay in the water for at least three weeks, the time it takes for the roots to come out.
The water must be changed every two days and the carafe must be positioned away from sources of heat or high temperatures.

  • Third step

After three weeks, the roots of your plant should be out. To this you transfer the seedling in a pot. Make sure it is a very large vase, made of earthenware and not plastic. At the bottom of the pot put some gravel, so as to promote drainage and prevent the plant from rotting.

  • Fourth step

Once this is done, cover the roots with soil, which you normally use for other plants. The plant does not need special care or attention, just keep the earth always moist: it must never be too wet, otherwise the plant will risk rotting. At this point, plant the pineapple crown like any other plant and store it in a place with plenty of light.

Harvest time ... ..

The pineapple will only have stronger roots after six or eight weeks. After two months they will have a greater consistency. The only thing that needs to be done is to give the plant water twice a week. If the leaves fall off it's not a problem, it happens but they will grow back. Keep in mind that during the winter the plant stops growing: growth occurs only in the hottest months. It will take more or less a year, but in the end this precious plant will give you a healthy and organic pineapple.

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