Plants for the beach house

Plants for the beach house

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Plants for the beach house: which plants to grow in the house by the sea? Here is the list of plants resistant to salt, sea breeze and the sun.

What are the sea-resistant plants to be installed near a bay?
Do not worry, there are many species that adapt to Mediterranean climates and resistant to saltiness! You are spoiled for choice.

The only drawback is the development: the sea-resistant plants are rustic and do not need much care, but only when they have reached the optimal development, for the first years of life, in general, the plants for the beach house, will have need punctual fertilization and pruning to set the training system.

Theplants resistant to saltiness, by the sea and perfect for growing in the house by the sea, are called "halophytic plants", they grow well in saline soils, they are not afraid of saltiness or scarce water. In the list below, we will point out some halophytic plants proper and other plants characterized by a high level of rusticity, therefore resistant to the most diverse conditions.

Plants for the beach house, a short list

Lagunaria patersonii

Species of the genusLagunaria patersoniithey are exotic evergreen plants which, in summer, bloom with 5-petalled flowers and shaded colors that tend to whiten once withered. These plants need care only in the first three years of life: with a Mediterranean climate, once they have reached the fourth year of life, they are perfectly self-sufficient and no longer need any care. Resistant to salt.


A very rustic and well known plant here in Italy. It is resistant to salt and sun. It adapts well to different types of soils and does not require special care.


The classic layout for covering grilled panels, railings or the entrance gate. This climbing plant has a shrubby habit, is able to resist the saltiness and can be positioned along gates near the sea.

Myrtus communis

Myrtle is much appreciated for the luquore obtained from its berries. During the summer it needs a constantly humid soil. It grows well in seaside locations and can be counted among the plants to be grown in the house by the sea.

Polygala Myrtifolia

Polygala is a rustic plant that grows well in a sunny position, it does not fear the sun or the summer heat. It tolerates drought and saltiness well. On the contrary, it hates heavy and humid soils because it is easy to root rot. It should be watered with discretion even in summer: it is watered only when the soil is completely dry.

Sarcocornia fruticosa and other aliphytes

It is a proper halophyte plant, it can be grown by the sea. It is a woody plant that does not have a high aesthetic value but can grow well on the beach!

Other halophytic plants that can bring some vegetation to the seashore, are the Crithmum maritimum, better known as sea fennel, the common limonium (Salsola Soda, Barba dei Fiori), the cakile maritima and its vera ... shrub plants, can be grown in the beach house if it has a garden on the beach.

All halophytic plants grow well on the beach even if they do not bring great aesthetic value, with the right precautions they can create very nice green corners. These plants are well suited for the creation of rock gardens by the sea, where the growing substrate is highly polluted by sand and salt. The Cineraria maritima has some pretty yellow umbrella-shaped flowers but the vegetation is not lush.

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