Tired legs, natural remedies

Tired legs, natural remedies

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Tired legs, natural remedies to relieve tired legs syndrome, heavy legs and muscle pains localized in the lower limbs.

Thetired legsorheavythey can be the result of too intense physical training, they can be a symptom of a psychosomatic nature or linked to a circulatory problem. The problem of tired legs is very common during pregnancy.

THE remedies for tired legs that we mention below can be used with a light heart in pregnancy, in case of heavy legs linked to intense physical activity, psychosomatic disorders or mild circulatory problems. When thetired legsare a symptom of pre-existing diseases (renal failure, herniated disc, diabetic foot, thrombophlebitis), these remedies can provide slight relief but it is strictly necessary to consult a doctor in order to solve the problem by acting on the actual cause.

Tired legs and body aches

Essential oils

To soothe the discomfort of tired legs syndrome, you can take advantage of the properties of various essential oils, first of all the essential oil of cloves. An ointment based onclove essential oilperforms a powerful actionanalgesic. It is able to relieve muscle aches and rheumatic pains. The ointment is prepared by dissolving a few drops of clove essential oil in a spoonful of almond oil (you can also use olive oil), massage along all legs.

Epsom salt

Leg fatigue could be linked to muscle factors. Those looking for a natural remedy to relax tight muscles can aim for Epsom salt baths. To take advantage of the dual action of Epsom salt and essential oils, you can use Epsom salt to make an emulsion in a relaxing bath: soak the epsom salt with several drops of the essential oil of your choice, immerse it in the bath. and shake. Immerse your legs in the water and you should feel immediate relief. If you want to use Epsom salt without essential oils, just fill the bathtub, add the salt and enjoy the relaxing bath. Calculate that if you intend to fill the entire bathtub you should use up to 400 - 500 grams of salt so you will want to stock it up.

Epsom salt is especially recommended if symptoms such as muscle aches and cramps are associated with tired legs.

Tired legs, natural remedy with mint

There are several in the pharmacyrefreshing spraysmade with plant extracts. You can make a peppermint-based refreshing spray at home.

Mint is one of the best known plants for its refreshing properties. Plus it's very easy to find: you can buy it from the nursery for a euro or two!

The homemade spray will give you immediate freshness, very useful in case oftired legs. There are many species of mint, the most widespread is peppermint but for this spray you can use mint spicata, nemorosa mint or longifolia, they are all species that have propertiestonic and gratifying, are also useful in case of minor irritations.

How to prepare this natural remedy for tired legs from mint? Nothing simpler ...

Prepare a mint infusion. Chop a generous handful of mint leaves. Boil a cup of water, turn off the heat and pour the water over the chopped mint. Leave to infuse until the water has warmed in the case of a pack and cooled completely in the case of a fresh spray. Filter and transfer everything into a spray container to be kept in the refrigerator. This solution can be sprayed on the skin of the legs to soothe thatheavinessthat grips you.

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