DIY car air fresheners

DIY car air fresheners

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DIY car air fresheners: effective ideas to scent the car interior in a natural way. Personalized perfumes, natural and DIY essences easy to prepare.

To maximize the effectiveness of theseDIY car air fresheners, we recommend positioning them near the air vents in the center of the onboard console. At the air vents, add a scented bag, potpourri or a natural do-it-yourself deodorant such as arbre magique.

Bags of lavender

Let's start with aever green, the classic lavender bags. In this context, it will sufficeto recyclethe bags of sugared almonds that you serve at the ceremonies, empty the package and fill it only with lavender flowers. Dried lavender flowers can be bought at a herbalist's shop or harvested in the garden. To enhance the smell, you can add a few drops oflavender essential oil. Many things can be done with lavender essential oil, to get an idea, I refer you to the pageLavender essential oil, uses and advice.

Homemade arbre magique

You know you can make aDIY car air freshenerjust like the most popularArbre magic?Sure, the duration will be shorter but you can regenerate it at any time. How to proceed? The shape of yoursDIY car dedoranteit does not necessarily have to be that of a tree, choose a shape you prefer with the help of the stencil technique or simply with a pencil.

The shape of a four-petal flower is very easy to make. What do you need? A very thick piece of cloth or felt. Cut out the shape you prefer, then pour a few drops of your favorite essential oil on your cutout. You can also use your favorite perfume but, to avoid adding allergenic agents in the car interior, we recommend using simple essential oil.

Which essential oil to choose?

Those who prefer a sweet and woody essence can choose lily of the valley (perfect in autumn) those who prefer a sweet essence with a slight floral note can choose the essential oil ylang ylang (the one they use to produce the famous perfumechanel n.5) for a fresher and more decisive scent, I recommend Bergamot essential oil.

Once enriched with essential oil, your homemade arbre magique can be hung on the rear-view mirror of the vehicle: equip yourself with string and a pair of scissors to cut the hole in the fabric of your cutout.

For this exact same principle, you can also impregnate a soft toy with drops of essential oil that will gradually be released into the environment.

Natural car air freshener

If you prefer a do-it-yourself deodorant spray, to be sprayed into the passenger compartment of the car as needed, I recommend starting with an aqueous solution and a spray bottle. Take an old spray bottle and fill it with a solution of water and essential oils. The right proportions provide for a dilution of a maximum of 10 drops of essential oil for every 200 ml of water.

How to eliminate the stench of smoke from the car

If theDIY deodorantyou need to cover theit stinks of smokefrom the cockpit ofcar, you are on the high seas! The stench of smoke, as well as that of mold or vomit, cannot be covered with a simple oneroom fragrance. In this context, it will be necessary to clean the passenger compartment and, to prevent the stench of smoke, adopt an ad hoc ashtray and / or a small air purifier for closed environments. For all information, I invite you to read the article"Purify the air from smoke".

To eliminate bad smells from the car you can try a very effective natural detergent: lemon! Lemon juice (fresh, freshly pressed) is rich in citric acid, a compound that will help eliminate bad odors. If the bad smell in the car persists you can try leaving a bag with baking soda, popular for being a goodabsorb-odors.

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