Lemon juice, benefits

Lemon juice, benefits

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Lemon is a citrus fruit that is highly appreciated all over the world for its remarkable therapeutic and beneficial properties and for this reason, since ancient times, it was considered a sort of "panacea for all ills".

The keeper of all the beneficial properties of lemon is its juice, widely used in cooking as a condiment or to enrich many dishes; it is easily combined with meat and fish and in many cases it is also used to replace vinegar.

The benefits of lemon are mainly given by citric acid, limonene, pinene, vitamin C. However, lemon contains other beneficial substances such as vitamins A, B, PP, phosphorus, calcium, copper, manganese and sugars.

How to choose lemons to have an excellent juice

The lemon must have a firm, thin, smooth skin; it must not show stains and must be bright in color. To make sure it is fresh, check that the rosette to which the stem is attached is green. A thick and wrinkled skin, green spots, deformities, dents and scars, due to hail or parasite attacks, are to be considered defects. Use ripe lemons, richer in aroma.

At the time of purchase, make sure that the fruits are not surface treated with a substance that prevents the development of mold, called "diphenyl". If you want to use the zest, especially for curative purposes, it is advisable to buy untreated lemons.

How to make lemon juice

The lemon juice is extracted from the pulp of the squeezed citrus fruit. To enhance its properties, it is good to choose organic lemons so that you can also eat the peel, which is also rich in nutrients.

To obtain an excellent lemon juice, simply blend the whole citrus fruit, cut into four parts, for a few minutes, together with a glass of water. The liquid obtained will finally have to be filtered to be ready to drink.

When lemon is used with its zest, the drink will also taste rather love, as well as sour. Those who do not like this strong flavor can add a little pure stevia, a natural sweetener with zero calories: always avoid sugar if you want a 100% genuine drink

Lemon juice, beneficial properties

Antioxidant action

Lemon juice is a powerful antioxidant, therefore it is able to prevent the action of free radicals on our body. Free radicals are the consequence of bad habits, improper nutrition, pollution, stress, etc. Regular intake of antioxidant foods helps keep us healthy and look good, as they delay the effects of aging.

It purifies the body

Lemon is very effective in eliminating the toxins that accumulate in our body. It favors the function of the liver, gallbladder and kidneys, consequently also improving intestinal transit.
Its calcium and potassium content helps us fight water retention and facilitates the cleansing work of the kidneys.

Alkalizes the body

Even though it is an acidic food, lemon is able to neutralize the excess of acids in the stomach and contribute to the alkalization of the blood and the body in general.
Some studies even show its effectiveness in cancer prevention.

Helps to lose weight

Lemon is a highly recommended food in slimming diets, since it is able to stimulate metabolism and reduce retention and excess fluids. Furthermore, lemon juice produces a satiating effect that makes it an ideal remedy to control appetite, especially if taken just before meals.

Improve digestion

Lemon juice is a very effective supplement for improving the digestion of our meals; helps digest fats and proteins.

Seasoning our meals with lemon also improves the assimilation of iron, preventing anemia in a natural way.

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