How to decorate a balcony

How to decorate a balcony

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How to decorate a balcony: ideas for decorating the balcony of the house. We are talking about small or large balconies, from classic narrow and long balconies to terraces. Tips for plants and furnishing accessories that best suit your needs.

How to decorate a small balcony

Furnishing a small balcony is not an easy task, especially if the surface distribution is limited to a narrow and long rectangle. In this case there is a preliminary assessment to be made: thesmall balcony, can it accommodate a small table for two?

Do not think directly of the classic fixed coffee table, imagine inserting a retractable wall table. In this motion thebalcony, even if small, it can become the perfect place for a romantic breakfast or dinner.

As an alternative to the wall table, you can buy special balcony tables designed to be anchored to the railing.

A small balcony can be furnished with plants by placing pots and planters outside the railing.

If the balcony is very small, better enhance it with lights: what do you think of a strip of LED lights to be placed along the railing? Outdoor led strips, 3 - 5 meters long, can be bought with an investment of less than 25 euros. If the balcony is south-facing, small or large, it needs an umbrella.

The secret to furnishing a small balcony lies in the choice of compact and functional furnishing accessories: no frills! If you have a free corner, you can insert a corner cupboard where you can place lanterns and other natural remedies to keep insects away from the balcony.

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How to decorate a balcony

In a small balcony we have eliminated any elementNot indispensable,so we only kept a table (suspended from the wall or on a railing), two chairs, a strip of LED light to be placed along the railing, an umbrella and a corner cupboard to house lanterns and anti-insect remedies.

Who has alarge balconyor medium-sized, can indulge themselves by hosting the most disparate elements. First of all, choose a table suitable for the size of the balcony, even in this case it will be better to choose an umbrella (if the balcony is facing south) and place anti-insect lanterns using a corner. We do not recommend placing lanterns or candles on the table intended for dinner or breakfast.

If you have a washing machine box on the balcony (as in my case) you can close it with iron and glass profiles (or aluminum and glass) and cover the glass with decorations. The final effect will be very pleasant. There are glass adhesives on the market for every need, from colored ones to the more sober and elegant. To get an idea, I refer you to theAmazon glass adhesive decorations.

Wooden grating or windbreak: to ensure some privacy and protect yourself from the wind, it is possible to install diamond-shaped wooden grilles with a diameter of no more than 6 cm only in one area of ​​the balcony. In this case you will be able to create a sheltered corner away from prying eyes of the neighborhood. The wooden gratings can be enriched with flower boxes or climbing plants (real or fake).

How to decorate a large balcony

If the balcony to be furnished is large, you can consider a large number of furnishing elements with intrinsic functionality, namely: a bench box, a barbecue, an umbrella with high shading power, privacy screens, planters, fountains and showers for water games or to cool off, a small mini-bar, a small photovoltaic system for the balcony… In short, you are spoiled for choice.

Other ideas forfurnish the balconyinvolve the use of flowers and plants. In this case, we refer you to the pageHow to decorate a balcony with flowers

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