Difference between mopur and wheat muscle

Difference between mopur and wheat muscle

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Difference between mopur and wheat muscle. With the spread of so-called vegetable meats, there is a tendency to make a little confusion. There are clear differences between wheat muscle, mopur and seitan, this is how these foods differ.

Seitan, mopurismuscleof wheatthey are foods born to replace meat in the diet. Their presence reigns supreme among those who follow a vegetarian and vegan diet, however they are valid alternatives to meat that can be consumed, in a well-balanced diet, even by those who follow a carnivorous diet. Let's clarify the most popular types of "vegetable meat" such as seitan, wheat muscle and mopur.

First let's say thatseitan, muscle of wheat andmopurthey can be prepared at home with simple recipes to follow. On this page, in addition to seeing the differences between mopur and wheat muscle, we will give you the directions to prepare thesehomemade vegetable meats.

Seitan, what is it?

What is seitan? Seitan, its name, of Japanese origin, was coined by George Oshawa and means "made of proteins ", it is no coincidence that seitan is a concentrate of vegetable proteins.

Theseitanit's simplyWheat gluten. It is prepared by extracting gluten from wheat flour - especially semolina flour -, kneading and boiling it with ingredients such as soy sauce, kombu seaweed, ginger and salt. For the seitan recipe, please refer to the dedicated pageHow to make seitan at home.

N.B .: excessive consumption of seitan could trigger a physiological autoimmune response of the body manifested in the form of gluten intolerance. It is not recommended to combine gluten with other simple carbohydrates such as bread and pasta.

Wheat muscle, what is it?

What is wheat muscle? This "vegetable meat" is prepared with a process similar to that of seitan, so even in this context we start from gluten extracted from wheat flour. With the wheat muscle, however, proteins from leguminous sources are added. Wheat muscle is a mixture of wheat flour and legume flour to which natural flavors and spices of various kinds are added.

The legume flour is used in the formulation ofvegetable meat to soften the dough and make the finished product softer and not at all gummy. The wheat muscle it was conceived by Enzo Marascio around 1992 and its geographical origin is very precise and circumscribed: Calabria.

For the recipe of the wheat muscle, we refer you to the page entitledMuscle of wheat, vegetable meat.At the end of the page you will find a very comprehensive video that will show you, step by step, how to make wheat muscle at home.

Mopur, what is it

What is mopur?Just like wheat muscle, mopur was also born in Italy and is an evolution of seitan. Once again it is vegetable meat obtained from the processing of wheat gluten, this time, however, the protagonist is the mother yeast which ferments the dough by breaking down the gluten and making the finished product much more digestible. The mopur preparation process breaks down over 40% of the initial gluten, reducing the risk of triggering an autoimmune reaction in the body. The mother yeast is used in combination with mixtures of legume flours.

How to make mopur at home? In fact, themopuris a registered trademark so its recipe is covered by industrial secrecy, just like the recipe for coca cola! Do not be discouraged, you can prepare the vegetable steak with recipes very similar to those used in the commercial field. For the mopur recipe, please see the page entitledHomemade mopur. On the page you will find two variants, one prepared from mother yeast and chickpea flour and one prepared from mother yeast and lentil flour.

Difference between mopur and wheat muscle

To clarify: mopur and wheat muscle they are both evolutions of seitan. The difference is that the wheat muscle is prepared starting from the extraction of gluten from wheat flour while in the preparation of mopur mother yeast is used by exploiting the fermentation process to obtain a more digestible final product.

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