Flowers to give to a man

Flowers to give to a man

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Flowers to give to a man: can you give flowers to a man? Yes… but which ones? Here is what etiquette and the language of flowers suggests.

Just like for women, the flowers given can have two meanings: a seductive or romantic meaning or a formal and affectionate homage.

In the first case, the context must emphasize the gesture, it will be necessary to be in a romantic dinner or in any case where the gift can be accompanied by privacy or intimacy. The second case is more classic: i flowers Yes they can give to a man freely in public and on various occasions such as for a birthday, graduation or to celebrate a promotion.

What flowers to give a man?

If you are trying tobewitch and seducea man, the ideal flower is the rose. You can create a bouquet of roses that must be strictly odd even if the most appropriate solution is to give a single rose which in etiquette represents a clear signal of courtship.

Sixflowers to give to a manthey have no seductive purpose but only to pay homage on certain occasions (graduation, promotion, birthday, father's day ...) you can rely on the classic language of flowers to express your affection and congratulations.

THEflowers to give to a manthey should not be characterized by too soft colors and excessively delicate flowers should be avoided.

Regarding theflowers to give to a man, the etiquette is very clear: prefer flowers in bright colors and bright tones such as red, yellow, purple and orange. Not only the hue, the design of the corolla must also be decided, so green light for tulips, sterlizie, anthurium, liriodendro, hoya (better known as a wax flower), allamanda ... in the bouquet you can abound with ferns and other green leaves. You can create a bouquet of tropical flowers, with disparate and lively shapes.

Flowers to give to a friend: Carnations and snapdragons are particularly suitable for celebrating a friend.

If you want to say goodbye: hibiscus is the ideal flower. It represents ephemeral beauty, fascinating but quick to fade.

Bouquet of roses for a man

Who does not want to do without roses, can give a bouquet of yellow or orange roses (red roses are unequivocally romantic, seductive and passionate). Yellow roses symbolize liveliness but also jealousy, so beware of the message you want to send with your floral gift.

Orange roses embody charm and are perfect to give to a man. If for a degree they can represent an affectionate impulse, in the sentimental field they could be interpreted with slight ambiguity.

The blue rose is perfect to pay homage to a man, it represents mystery and wisdom. The coral color represents sexual desire while softer shades such as pink, peach, lilac should be avoided ... The white rose can be given to a man in case of confirmation or achievement of personal goals, it can be the perfect flower to give to a man who represents a mentor like a professor, a father, a brother, a close friend. The white rose represents spirituality, satisfaction, affection but also pure and unconditional love.

Plants to give to a man

Not only flowers and bouquets, to celebrate a birthday, a graduation, a promotion or any other eventuality, plants can be very suitable. Plants are a very welcome floral tribute: a small sunflower is the perfect plant to give to a friend. A bonsai is a more refined and elegant gift, suitable for a work colleague, a boss or someone who wants to amaze: it can capture attention! Among the plants, tulips, daffodils and hyacinths are good. Beware of daffodils and hyacinths, choose brighter shades, blue is fine for hyacinth.

Language of flowers, for perfect gifts

There are many books on the market onmeaning of flowersand, among many, we decided to recommend the one from the Giunti publishing house. The reason? For each flower there are cards with many curiosities so as to make you understand that every single flower hides its history, its legend and its meaning. Not only that, the book is structured in a very intelligent way so as to be more practical to use.

On Amazon, the book "The language of flowers, dictionary of names and meanings”Is bought with 8.42 euros and free shipping costs. To read the introduction of the book or for other information, please refer to the page:Language of Flowers.

The book collects themeaningof over 300 flowers, a very long list with cards and legends.

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