Flowers to give to a friend

Flowers to give to a friend

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Flowers to give to a friend: advice on the perfect flower bouquet to give to a woman, the perfect flower for a friend, colleague or business partner ... Here is a useful guide based on the language of flowers.

The floral one is a timeless and contextless homage. Flowers are always the perfect gift: appreciated by both men and women, despite the universality of this gift, it is not always easy to choose well!

There are many possible compositions, many colors and countless flowers to choose from. It is normal to feel confused and find yourself agooglequestions such as which flowers to give to a friend,what is the flower of sincere friendship,or, again, which flower to give to a special friend.

Flowers to give to a friend

Don't just think about what you want to express with flowers, think also about the woman who will receive it and her temperament.

If your friend is exuberant, exotic, sometimes eccentric or is often described with such phrases"Has a particular character", give her a flower like the bird of paradise.

The bird of paradise, also called Strelitzia, is a beautiful flower but also a bit challenging. It is to be given exclusively to women because it symbolizes the majesty and feminine strength; its meaning derives from the fact that, at the beginning, the strelitzia plant was given to the female representatives of the royal houses. Furthermore, the bird of paradise represents joy because it was given to female representatives of royal houses on festive occasions.

If your friend is elegant, refined and takes great care of good manners, the orchid is the most suitable flower because it symbolizes the essence of refinement.

Yellow roses and tulips are perfect to give to a friend, in this case you could create a beautiful bouquet capable of representing sharing in friendship.

Those looking for the flower of sincere friendship can point to daisies and freesias. Daisies and freesias combine beautifully in fragrant bouquets, both are strong symbols of innocence and pure friendship.

If the friend is much older than you or represents a mother figure for you, you can give them pink carnations, a symbol of maternal love.

Pink roses can express appreciation, gratitude and admiration.

It is possible to express friendship with simpler flowers such as those of acacia, wisteria or the Amaranth and Agave plants.

If you want to celebrate a slightly lively friendship (everyone has a friend who is a little crazy!) You can choose gerbera flowers: perfect for giving to the female sex and extremely radiant.

If a friend is about to leave, theDo not forget meit will remind her that it will remain forever in your heart.

The Peruvian Lily (also called lily of the Incas or flower of Alstroemeria) is perfect for expressing full comfort to a friend, this flower embodies solidity and can be a witness to a deep friendship.

The friend who is always there in times of need and has helped you a lot, can be rewarded with the Snowdrop, the first flower of the year to appear even when the weather conditions are the most adverse.

Not just flowers: plants to give to a friend

Keep in mind that if your friend is a lover of nature, of the earth and aims to protect the environment, she will certainly appreciate a plant to grow at home, in the garden or on the balcony.

We have already mentioned wisteria, gerbera, daisies, freesias and other flowers that are suitable for cutting (and giving as gifts alone or in bouquets) or to grow in pots. In this paragraph we point out a plant that does not give flowers but which can be very symbolic to express friendship. Ivy is an evergreen plant that fascinates for its resistance; if your friendship has survived many adversities and is solid, you can take ivy as your personal symbol of friendship. Ivy represents sincerity and fidelity, in friendship, affection and love.

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