Bad smell bathroom plumbing, solutions

Bad smell bathroom plumbing, solutions

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Bad smell of bathroom plumbing, how to get rid of the stench from bathroom drains. The stench often escapes from the shower drain, sink or toilet.

Bad smell bathroom pipes: cesspool and septic tank

Who does not use the public sewer system but uses the so-calledcesspool or septic tank can do the first checks from here. Thereseptic tank as well as the cesspool, they are often used in the case of condominiums and groups of isolated houses that are not equipped with a connection to the sewer system.

How long has it been since the cesspool was emptied? The cesspool needs to be periodically emptied as, once filled, it is unable to collect the sewage. On the other hand, the septic tank is affected by the problem of effluent disposal: this system collects and treats black and gray water. If you are sure of the correct functioning of the septic tank and cesspool, what you can do is already pull for the discharge of the microorganisms capable of degrading the bad smell.

Thesemicroorganismsgo to rebalance the so-calledseptic tankabsorbing thebad smelland preventing the stench from rising through it shower, toilet and other bathroom drains. There are easy-to-use water-soluble sachets on the market: just throw them down the drain! These microorganisms have a price ranging from 10 to 35 euros and have a variable duration (from one month up to one year).

On Amazon you can buymicroorganisms against the bad smell of pipesat the price of 17.45 euros with free shipping costs. The product in question is calledNBS Sprang, is also widely used by accommodation facilities (hotels and restaurants) for eliminate bad smells from the septic tank, and is a natural product. The package includes 6 sachets to be used on a monthly basis (treatment lasts 6 months). To use it, simply throw the sachet into the toilet drain, wait for the product to dissolve (it is water-soluble) and flush the toilet.

For more information on the product, please refer to the official Amazon page:NBS Sprang.Obviously this is not the only product of its kind available, but we recommend it for the excellent quality / price ratio. Other similar products are: biological purge, enzymatic rods for drains and biological activators in capsules.

Bad smell bathroom plumbing, natural remedies

There are manygreen bloggerwhich they recommend eliminate bad smell from bathroom pipes using natural products such asbaking soda, lemon juice, or vinegar. It is true that these products absorb or eliminate bad smells, but it is equally true that they dostinkit goes up from the bathroom pipes, there must be a problem upstream that is wrongbufferedwith natural remedies but dealt with hydraulic skills!

Bad smell bathroom plumbing, siphon

Another recurring cause that can lead to the release of bad smells frombathroom drainsit is linked to the malfunction of the siphon.

The siphon is a hydraulic element inserted in a shaped ductU. The function of the siphon is precisely to create an obstacle to the ascent of thebad smells by virtue of the presence of residual water in its loop that it functions fromplumber cap to smelly ascents. The stagnation of water in the siphon obstructs the passage of the bad odor that remains trapped in the pipes.

In case of leaks, further obstructions, excessive presence of detergents ... or simply if you have disassembled the siphon and have not closed it properly, it is possible that bad smells may leak from the bathroom drains.

Between remedies against bad odors from pipes there are a number of interventions you can do yourself on the siphon. If there is afloor siphon, also called siphon box or manhole, in newly built homesUnfortunately this element is placed under the floor and therefore difficult to access. If your inspection box is located under the floor, it will be necessary to locate it and break two tiles to access it: the work must necessarily be done by an expert.

If the siphon box is visible on the surface (on the floor it appears as a chromed plate 110-120 mm diameter with central screw), try to disassemble it, checking for any obstructions and paying attention to the water level and the gasket: also a badly fitted or worn gasket can cause unpleasant odors to escape.

If you live in a very dated house, the siphon could have a lead element, very delicate, also in this case it is good to consult a plumber. For siphons that have a plastic lid under the metal plate, just turn the butterfly counterclockwise and remove the lid to access the siphon.

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