How to recycle paper

How to recycle paper

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How to recycle paper: instructions, step by step, for DIY paper recycling at home. From newspaper to obtain blank sheets to creative paper recycling.

Recycle the paper it is not an exclusively industrial practice. The paper from old magazines, notebooks and newspapers can also be recycled at home.
The paper recycling homemade is within everyone's reach: the tools they need are easy to find, so much so that the paper recycling it could be offered in schools as an educational didactic experience, suitable for young and old.

What is needed for recycle paper at home:

  • Paper shredder or scissors
  • Mixer
  • Container
  • Press and sieve
  • Water and rags

How to proceed to recycle paper at home

Step one: shred the paper for recycling

Take the card from to recycle and cut it into small pieces, this is the most boring part that can be avoided by using a paper shredder, there are models from 15 euros on the market.

If you do it by hand, the paper must be well shredded, if you use a paper shredder, the paper will be returned to you in more or less thin strips to be used directly in the subsequent phases of paper recycling. If you are going to recycle a single newspaper, use a pair of large scissors if your intention is to recycle notebooks of your child or a large number of old newspapers, you will want to buy a shredder. To get an idea of ​​the prices of this device, please refer to the page:shredder on Amazon.

Step two: soak in water and off with the blender

The shredded paper must be soaked in water for one night. There paper obtained in this way, it must be drained and placed in a blender to be further crushed. In the blender, add the drained pieces of paper to clean water. We cannot give times or dosages, it all depends on the result you want to obtain: if the paper is blended for a long time, the result will be a very fragile but more homogeneous recycled paper, on the contrary, if the paper is to recycle it is slightly blended, the resulting paper will be coarser. Only experience will make you understand how and how much to use the blender.

Step three: the sieve and the glue

The blended mixture should be placed in a tray containing a couple of centimeters of water. The pan must be large enough to accommodate the sieve. If you have used it exclusively paper of newspapers, your work must be supported with the use of upholstery glue. So if you have used paper low quality, sprinkle a little glue on the surface of the water and shake well with your hands. The time has finally come to use the sieve: immerse it in the cutting tray, in order to have the sieve at the bottom of the tray, once the sieve is immersed, pull it up slowly, make sure you have enough paper ground on the sieve and then pull it up; place the sieve on the edges of the tray and drain the water. Some sieves have a "window" that acts as a press, help yourself with this to drain most of the water.

Phase four: pressing to obtain the new sheets

Prepare the boards for pressing by placing a damp cloth on the board that will act as a base. Roll out the paper just removed from the sieve. Cover it with another damp cloth. Cover with the other table of the press and press the tablets with the appropriate closures. If you don't have a real press, you just need two plywood boards and a very heavy stone to rest on the top board so as to exert pressure. After pressing, remove the upper board and very gently also remove the damp cloth, in this way the sheet of paper that you have just recycled, it will stick to the base cloth. Take the cloth and wait for it to dry. Once dry, be very careful to release yours recycled paper from the cloth.

Recycle your card by earning

From an economic point of view, the paper recyclingit is certainly cheaper than incineration. That of thepaper recycling it can be considered a real business… but only if done with high volumes! However, unfortunately, paper is among the materials to be recycled that is paid less even if of good quality.

Taking an average of the revenue report, for each kilogram of recyclable paper the net compensation is 0.05 euros. It means that it is possible to earn, on average, five euro cents for every kilogram of paper to be recycled. The plastic and iron waste market is much more attractive but aluminum is in the foreground. If you mean recycle while earning and you have large quantities of recyclable aluminum, know that on average you can get 0.50 euros for each kilogram.

For those wishing to start a system ofpaper recyclingindustrial, the management costs for the treatment of each ton of "waste paper" (paper to be recycled) oscillate between 64 and 96 euros; in the industrial field depending on the plants and the quality of the paper to be recycled used, it is always necessary to add virgin cellulose to varying degrees.

The paper recycling in home as well as in the industrial sector, it saves electricity, water resources and virgin cellulose with a strong reduction of harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

For those who do not have large volumes of paper but does not want to give up the idea ofrecycle while earning can take advantage of the programRePaperMeimplemented in some supermarkets in Italy. The principle is simple: the user gives paper and cardboard to be recycled in special compactors that press it, weigh it and issue a financial payment in the form of a shopping voucher to spend in the participating supermarket.

Recycle Easter Egg Paper

We just saw how to recycle magazine and newspaper paper, but if it is a particular card such as that of Easter eggs? Well… again you can start works of recycling but with a little more creativity.

Recycle the Easter egg paper to make a Kite

In the articleHow to build a kite,among the necessary, we have included theEaster egg card. Together with the recycled paper from the Easter egg, you will need wooden sticks, nylon thread, a thin cord and glue.

Recycling of Easter egg paper to make a tablecloth

You know those nice tablecloths for breakfast? They can be obtained from the Easter egg card. In reality, you can get even bigger tablecloths by joining several packages together. These tablecloths can be used as a base for a work surface, to protect the table when repotting plants or to set up a table for children during the lunch break.

Recycle Easter egg paper to make gift wrapping and wrapping paper

The Easter egg card is always very colorful. Just cut it carefully and spread it out to remove the creases. To get rid of the creases you can place the egg paper under a weight (for example, under a book or dictionary).

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