Norwegian forest cat: character and prices

Norwegian forest cat: character and prices

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Norwegian Forest Cat, difficult to imagine it in our living rooms, yet this feline will amaze us by conquering us and proving to be an excellent pet. Much more jokey and malleable than other breeds apparently closer to our lifestyle, actually quite difficult to approach. Read to believe.

The Norwegian Forest Cat at home he is used to being called Norsk Skogkatt and has very ancient origins, so much so that it was already a protagonist in the ancient legends of the peoples who lived in those lands centuries ago. In particular, this ancient breed is the protagonist together with Freyja, goddess of love and fertility of a fairy tale. The divinity wandered on a chariot pulled by two specimens of Norwegian Forest Cat in search of her husband, who has disappeared who knows where. Also Thor, the god of thunder, she had to raise one of these bulky cats to prove her strength.

Norwegian Forest Cat: Origins

The history of the Norwegian forest cat it begins many centuries ago and is intertwined with local legends, of the Vikings and other neighboring peoples who kept it in their homes or took it on ships to hunt mice. The first mentions of this breed date back to 1559.The Norwegian lynxes were divided into three classes: the wolf-lynx, the fox-lynx and the lynx-cat.

In more modern times, the thirties, we find the Norwegian cat slightly modified in its furry appearance due to domestication and related crosses with short-haired house cats. The first exhibition involving the breed is before the Second World War, in Oslo, while a draft of the standard arrives only in 1972.

A year later, a group of enthusiasts started a stable and serious breeding program until the foundation of the Norsk Skogkattring: the circle of the Norwegian Forest Cat. Official recognition arrives within a few years, first at home, then in the rest of the world which still includes it among the races of the world and loves it a lot.

Norwegian cat: character

Without questioning its beauty, which we will discuss later, much of the love that is nurtured for Norwegian forest cat it is linked to his irresistible nature. It is a calm, affectionate, intelligent, noble and playful cat at the same time. It is true that he loves the outdoor life, the desire to be in nature has it in the blood, but if we keep it in the apartment it doesn't cause any problems, just create a corner for it to climb and let off steam. Independent but sociable, the Norwegian cat gets along well with children and also with his fellow men, as well as with dogs: he just needs to play.

Introduced into the family, he becomes particularly fond of a member to whom he then reserves all his attentions and niceties. We do not assume, however, that it is an obedient and servile animal. Listen, but only if we don't make rude or firm sentences: he prefers things to be "explained" to him claiming to be able to understand and evaluate whether to obey or not. If we want to make a happy one Norwegian cat let's make it play in contact with water. This is not a joke, just a basin is enough to make him enjoy himself.

Norwegian forest cat: dimensions

Without a doubt the size of the Norwegian Forest Cat it's the XL if not the even bigger one. It is a long animal, with a sturdy build, solid bones and a weight ranging from 7 to 8 kg; for males, females reach a maximum of 5 and a half kg.

Starting from the head, it tends to be triangular, with a slightly rounded forehead and a strong chin. The ears are large and pointed, funny for the protruding tufts, the eyes are equally large, oval in shape and light in color but which can vary from green to golden green. Whatever the color, the expression is always attentive, lively and friendly.

The tail of the Norwegian cat it is long and very hairy, the legs appear robust and end with large and webbed feet. The peculiar shape is linked to the origin of this breed: let's not forget that they come from snowy areas and feet are so practical for moving around in the snow, like the ears they also have abundant tufts of hair between the fingers.

Norwegian Forest Cat: Kittens

The puppies of the Norwegian Forest Cat are irresistible especially for their fur. IS' semi-long but very woolly, it is the undercoat first of all, with which they are fitted, then covered with a covering hair. Also for environmental reasons, the coat is water repellent as well as being shiny, with long and thick hair on the back and sides. Newly developed a little, the Norwegian Forest Cat kittens also show a ruff, a full mane and shorts on their hind legs. As for the colors, we can find all varieties with white but never cats similar to Siamese, or colors like chocolate, lilac, cinnamon and fawn.

Norwegian forest cat: breeding

It is not easy to find farms of this breed in Italy, at home and in general in the Scandinavian peninsula where it is best known, it is more frequent to meet them. What is pretty simple is to hold a Norwegian forest cat because he usually has iron health. No special precautions are needed, apart from occasional checks and compulsory vaccinations. There is also no need to go crazy for his diet, the only thing to avoid is to offer him rice which seems not to be well tolerated. For the rest, he loves both meat and fish, croquettes and wet food.

Norwegian Forest Cat: Prices

Never say never but it is difficult to find one today Norwegian forest cat less than 600 - 700 euros, unless they give it to us or we find someone who for some reason needs to give it away. It is a particular breed that is not widespread in our country, so it is best to inquire directly in the breeding that we find and trust. Better to visit it, in person, also learning how to treat it and checking how the puppy we are about to buy was raised.

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