Hairless cats

Hairless cats

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Hairless cats, not only for those who don't mince words, but for all animal lovers a little bit original. And for those who have the budget to buy one, as well as the time to devote to all the operations for maintaining the health of these cats.

They must be kept with care, paying attention to the sun, irritation, temperatures. They are undoubtedly particular animals, to get to know well before venturing into buying one, they all have a very sweet character, closer to those of a dog, and often love to meow at a very loud volume.

Hairless cats

If we often hear cat owners boast about how soft their pet's fur is, on the contrary, who has Hairless cats can point out the opposite peculiarity and the large amount of folds and wrinkles that characterize this category.

De gustobus, of course, and we will not discuss here, it is instead important to clarify that if we are looking for naked cats because we are allergic and we believe we can solve our problem in this way ... we are deluding ourselves. I'm sorry but Hairless cats are not automatically hypoallergenic cats.

It depends on what causes us problems: if the hair is right, then we have some hope, but unfortunately in most cases the allergy or the high sensitivity shown by some people is due to the saliva of cats or substances that secrete the skin of cats. . And i Hairless cats like everyone else, they are not exempt from all this.

Hairless cats: Kohona

This is the only original, among the many hairless cats, the only really hairless. completely naked, unlike the others who call themselves so even if they show a slight hair on the body. The Kohona it is totally devoid of hair follicles, its skin is so bare it looks like wax and it is very rare: there will be a maximum of twenty of them all over the planet.

It goes without saying that it has exorbitant costs and also that it is not a great beauty. At least in my opinion: so naked he has ahuge amount of wrinkles, even on the muzzle. As they grow, they decrease but it certainly remains a very strange effect. If you like it, the commitment must be made to keep it very clean, also providing for the artificial weaning during the first weeks of life since, due to wrinkles, sucking is often compromised, at least in part.

Hairless cats: Sphynx

It can make this breed fall in love, or arouse disgust Hairless cats I mentioned in the dedicated article “Sphynx cat". These cats have a practically hairless body, large ears and legs with very developed pads. When you caress them, the sensation - to give you an idea - is that of touching the peach skin, as puppies present many wrinkles and let's not delude ourselves that as they grow they smooth out, remain and must be kept clean and hydrated.

Hairless cats: Peterbald

With an isosceles triangle head and green or blue almond-shaped eyes Hairless cats they may have a thin layer of fluff that makes them look like "velvety". The race of Peterbald it is not among those allowed in the exhibitions, while in the breeding farms it can also be found in a version not really from Cats without hair but "brush": with thicker hair on the body. Another feature of Peterbald it is the tail, very long and thin. He is sociable, affectionate and playful in character, very playful to the point of annoying his own hyperactivity including sound.

Hairless cats: Donskoy

Until these are two years old Hairless cats they may have some hair and even later with age it often happens that some remains on the nose, tail, legs and ears. Morphologically the Donskoy it shows a prominent, wrinkled chin, ears with rounded tips, almond-shaped eyes and long, round "monkey" feet.

The character of these Hairless cats it closely resembles that of the Sphynx, sweet and affectionate, extremely devoted to the master. The difference between the two breeds is on the skin: that of the Donskoy it is “stronger” to the touch and has a slight smell of sweat.

Hairless cats: Levkoy

When we caress the soft, supple and wrinkled skin of the Levkoy, we realize that it is covered with a very sparse but present down. Its body is medium in size, lean and muscular, with a dog-like profile but long legs with movable toes.

The nature of this representative of the Hairless cats are gentle and sociable: the Levkoy loves the company of both humans and other animals, even pigs and mice, children and nosy neighbors, if we have any.

Hairless cats: price

As anticipated, i Hairless cats are "without discounts": they cost a lot. Those who want to venture into the purchase of one of the felines we have talked about must prepare at least a couple of thousand euros in their wallet. For the real hairless cats, those belonging to the Kahona breed, the cost can reach 5,000 euros.

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