Energy saving bi-thermal washing machines

Energy saving bi-thermal washing machines

Bithermic washing machines: how double-ended washing machines work and how much the savings are. Price and models.

Those lucky enough to have a solar thermal system, a hybrid boiler or a heat pump for the production of domestic hot water, can use this hot water to make the washing machine. By taking advantage of hot water produced with renewable sources (therefore at zero energy cost) it will be possible to cut the consumption of appliances in need of hot water such as washing machines and dishwashers.

What is the bithermic washing machine

The appliancesbithermichave a double water connection so as to allow intelligent management of energy resources. This technology is particularly aimed at those who have a solar thermal system, a heat pump or a district heating system.

The bithermic washing machinesthey are not the only double-ended appliance. On the market it is also possible to find dishwashers of this kind. If with thebithermic washing machinesenergy saving amounts to 60% with class A +++, for class A ++ dishwashers the energy saving is about 35%.

How bithermic washing machines work

Thebithermic washing machineshave a double attack to be exploited where there is a water heating system powered by renewable energy sources.

Therewashing machine, in addition to presenting the classic connection for cold water which must then be heated by the electrical resistance of the appliance itself, it has an additional connection capable of withdrawing the already hot water produced at almost zero cost.

The particularity of thebithermic washing machinesis precisely that of having two water connections:

  • An attack takes cold water from the water supply and heats it with the internal resistance.
  • An attack draws the already hot water produced by the solar thermal system (or by the heat pump, geothermal energy ...), limiting the use of the internal resistance to a minimum.

Precisely because they have a double connection (one for cold water and one for hot water) they are called"Bithermic".

Energy-saving bithermic washing machines, the advantages

In addition to the great advantage of cutting electricity consumption by 60%, thebithermic washing machineshave other advantages. Thanks to the limited use of theelectrical resistanceof thewashing machine, there will be less wear on the appliance, a not negligible factor for those who have limescale problems with hard water. The number one enemy ofwashing machineit is precisely the limestone that, among other components, also affects the electrical resistance.

The limescale deposits are mainly concentrated on the electrical resistance of the washing machine because cold water, to heat up, must come into contact with the incandescent resistance several times. In this step there is the formation of crystals of mineral salts dissolved in water responsible for limestone which in the long run are deposited on the resistance itself risking to compromise the functioning of the washing machine. Thanks to the entry of hot water, the electrical resistance will be less stressed and therefore less prone to wear.

Another advantage that should not be underestimated is a faster economic return on the investment made for the purchase of the renewable plant. Those who have invested in the installation of a solar thermal system will be able to further exploit this technology.

Bithermic washing machines, prices and models

To take advantage of the hot water produced by the solar panels to make the washing machine or operate the dishwasher, we need a bi-thermal appliance. Among the various products on the market, those that offer greater guarantees and good satisfaction for users who have already tried it, are Bosch appliances.

The price of a bithermic washing machine is that of a class A +++ washing machine. For example, the Bosch WAQ244H8IT bithermal washing machine with front loading, double connection for cold and hot water (suitable for solar panels) and anti-vibration design that ensures greater stability and silence.

Also noteworthy is the new ActiveWaterPlus system which features a system capable of automatically adjusting the flow of water into the drum, always choosing the right compromise between washing and energy consumption.

By taking advantage of the right programs, it is possible to obtain excellent washes, saving up to 60% of time and up to 50% of energy. The washing machine also has a specific program for allergy sufferers.

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