Yeast-free bread

Yeast-free bread

Homemade yeast-free bread: properties and recipe of yeast-free bread dough to be cooked in the oven or pan. Handmade dough or recipe to make it with the thermomix or the food processor.

Yeasts are microorganisms responsible forfermentation of sugars, that is, the process that transforms sugars into alcohol and carbon dioxide: that's why theleavened breadit is swollen and has many air bubbles! L'unleavened bread doughappears flattened and, with the same flour used, the volume occupied is significantly lower than that ofbreadleavened. Unleavened bread is also calledunleavened breadand for a long time it was the only bread known to humanity.

Brewer's yeast-free bread:chemical yeast and sourdough

Why do you want to feed yourself withunleavened bread?
If bread and leavened doughs tend to make you feel bloated, you can try replacing the classic brewer's yeast with natural yeast (or sourdough) or with chemical yeast.

Chemical yeast is made up of a mixture of substances such as cream of tartar, ammonium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate. Chemical yeast can be bought commonly in the supermarket. Another valid alternative tobrewer's yeastis the sourdough, you can prepare it at home starting from honey, water and flour and follow our instructions for refreshments: the natural yeast, or sourdough, must be refreshed every 15 days but can hold in the refrigerator even 20-25 days without too many problems. Here are the instructions:

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Theunleavened breadit may be the only food choice for those suffering from abdominal bloating, but it is essential to clarify that after any meal it is normal to feel bloated, just as it is normal to have gas accumulations in the intestine. You can try to eat a more diverse diet (don't always eat the same foods! Spend your time!), Drink more water and exercise more. Furthermore, a swollen belly could also be a psychosomatic symptom so a more active lifestyle could bring 360 ° benefits.

Yeast-free bread, recipe

The homemade unleavened breadit can be delicious to serve with fresh cheeses, honey, sauces or fondues. It is very easy to prepare and can be cooked in the oven or in a pan. The dough can be prepared by hand or with a Thermomix type food processor.

Who is on the hunt for therecipeoriginal unleavened breadwill have to deal with the harsh reality: once the unleavened bread was prepared withancient cerealsreally wholemeal and really high in fiber. Today, using suitable ingredients is a real feat, to understand more, I invite you to read the article on homemade flours:

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The original recipe for unleavened bread involves the use of two ingredients: water and wholemeal flour. Try to choose wholemeal flour from an ancient wheat, preferably durum wheat and above all even better if derived from organically grown and stone-ground wheat. For more information: unleavened bread, original recipe.

On the same page you will find information on the nutritional values ​​contained in 100 grams of yeast-free bread: calories, carbohydrates, sugars, fats ... as is clear from the comparison of calories, those who follow a low-calorie diet from the exclusive point of view of the energy balance, yes can affirm that leavened bread is less caloric than unleavened bread. If you are on a diet and want to feed on yeast-free bread for a matter ofcalories consumed, choose a leavened wholemeal bread.

Homemade yeast-free bread

The recipe with salt or the gluten-free variant is available on the page:homemade unleavened bread. Small curiosity: the wordunleavenedcomes from ancient Greek and means "without yeast“.

Panze without yeast, recipe with thermomix

Thethermomixit is very comfortable and further shortens the time. The ingredients for making yeast-free bread, to be included in the thermomix, are:

  • 450 g of flour
  • 220 g of warm water
  • 25 g of oil
  • 1 teaspoon of salt

In the thermomix container, pour all the ingredients and knead for 3 minutes at ear speed. Remove the dough and depending on the flour used, consider adding a little more: the dough could be wetter if you used 00 flour or drier if you used wholemeal flour. Adjust to the touch.

Let the unleavened bread dough rest for half an hour. From here you decide whether to cook it in a pan (giving the unleavened bread the classic shape of piadina) or whether to cook it in a preheated oven at 180 ° C for 15 minutes.

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