How to get rid of split ends, natural remedies

How to get rid of split ends, natural remedies

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How to get rid of split ends: from olive oil to egg white, there are many products for daily use that can be used against split ends.

Like the rest of the body, hair also suffers the aggression of both low and high temperatures; the results are evident: dull, stringy, frizzy hair, without shine. Fortunately, nature is our ally; allows us to create ad hoc treatments for the hair, thanks to the common products of daily use available at home.

On this page we will offer you some very effective do-it-yourself remedies to improve the condition and appearance of hair and eliminate split ends that make them look weak, damaged and neglected.

How to get rid of split ends

To get rid of splits, just go to the hairdresser and let your hair come out, but it is worth pointing out that there are some natural ingredients that help repair the ends. Let's see how to make some natural masks against split ends, take note!

Avocado and olive oil mask

Avocado together with olive oil are excellent allies for the beauty of hair, especially when they are dry or break. The essential fatty acids contained in these foods and their supply of vitamins and minerals help to deeply nourish the hair, promoting its repair.

  • What we need

-1 ripe avocado
- The albumen of a large egg white
-40 grams of olive oil

  • How to proceed

1) After peeling the avocado, mash its pulp in a bowl with a fork, until creamy

2) Then add the egg white and olive oil then mix a homogeneous mixture

  • Use

1) Apply the mask to damp hair, practicing gentle massages: make sure you cover the tips well.

2) Put on a shower cap and let the mask act for about 45 minutes

3) Wash your hair as usual, preferring a natural shampoo

Repeat the treatment 3 times a week.

Papaya, yogurt and coconut oil mask

The essential amino acids and proteins contained in papaya are very effective in treating weak and damaged hair: they repair and strengthen the hair. Combined with natural yogurt and coconut oil, it is possible to create an effective natural balm to combat fragile and damaged ends.

What we need

-100 grams of papaya
-15 grams of coconut oil
-120 grams of white yogurt

  • How to proceed

1) Mash the papaya in a bowl then add the coconut oil and natural yogurt

2) Mix everything well until you get a homogeneous mixture: if you prefer a creamier mask, you can blend the ingredients.

  • Use

1) Moisten clean hair and apply the mask over the entire length.

2) Leave to act for an hour then rinse with cold water

3) Repeat the treatment three times a week.

Butter, apple cider vinegar and lemon mask

This mask combines the fatty acids of vinegar and lemon to speed up the repair process.

  • What we need

-15 grams of butter
-10 ml of lemon juice
-10 ml of apple cider vinegar

  • How to proceed

1) Melt the butter in a saucepan then add the lemon juice and apple cider vinegar.

  • Use

1) Before it solidifies, rub the mask on the split ends.

2) Leave on for 25 minutes then wash your hair as usual

Treatment to be done every day, only on the tips.

Where to buy coconut water

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PLEASE NOTE: to maintain the health of our scalp it is good to avoid the classic over-the-counter shampoos. Our hair always needs care and delicacy, which an industrial product rich in chemical additives cannot guarantee!
In this regard we can prepare one diy shampoo at home, using natural ingredients available at home. For more information, read the article "Do-it-yourself shampoo with natural ingredients"

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