Eat light: nature offers everything you need

Eat light: nature offers everything you need

Eat light for lunch or dinner. Here's how to prevent stomach pain, bloating and a feeling of heaviness with the light food.

Eat lightit is a need felt 365 days a year, for lunch and dinner. Experts recommend eating fresh and light foods especially in summer and especially in the evening. A correct and balanced diet prevents a number of ailments and can help our body adapt quickly to climate change.

Eat light for lunch and dinner

Especially in the summer, the calorie intake should be reduced as well as the consumption of alcoholic beverages. The consumption of alcohol tends to weigh down the body and dehydrate the body. During the summer season and at dinner in general, on any winter or summer evening, it is best to eat light, giving space to fruit and vegetables.

Eat light: Fruits, vegetables and legumes

Fruits, vegetables and greens are rich in water, minerals and vitamins, while they are low in fats and proteins. To continue avoiding fats and supplementing proteins, a light and well-balanced meal can supplement legumes.

Legumes do not necessarily have to be served in soups, soups or with pasta; maybe a legume soup can be the ideal solution for a light lunch in winter (beans and pumpkin, beans and potatoes, chickpea cream…) but in summer you have to change your point of view. Following the principles of macrobiotic cuisine, in the summer, legumes can create splendid salads; to quote beans again, these ingredients are easy to assimilate, provide good quality protein and very little fat.

If you are on the hunt for recipes for light eating, all you have to do is add some beans to your classic salads. Potato salad with beans, cherry tomato salad, beans and red onion, mixed salad and beans…. Such a dish is much more refreshing and lighter than the classic ham and mozzarella!

Fresh beans are almost free of fat (they provide half a gram for every 100 grams of product). In that 0.5 g of fat we have precious polyunsaturated fatty acids, useful for the body. Overall, the calorie intake amounts to 133 kcal per 100 grams of product. Still wanting to compare a bean salad to the combination of ham and mozzarella, mozzarella provides 253 kcal while raw ham gives 268 kcal.

How to cook fresh beans?
Just boil them over low heat for 50 - 60 minutes or cook them in a pressure cooker for about 15 - 18 minutes from the whistle. When cooked, the beans can be seasoned with low-calorie aromas such as fennel seeds, garlic, bay leaves ... or accompanied by other vegetables. In addition, you can recover the cooking water of the beans for other tasty recipes.

In addition to those mentioned in this article, othersrecipes for light eating are available on the page dedicated to summer dishes"Summer dishes, quick recipes". In particular, we will see the salad recipes with avocado and carrots, taboulé with quinoa, chickpea salad and more.

Eat light, cereals: couscous and bulghur

You know what thecouscous? And the bulghur? Both are foods derived from durum wheat and protagonists of the typical dishes of the Middle Eastern food and wine tradition.

These are foods that will save you money in the kitchen: they have very short cooking times! Couscous is bought precooked, just put the desired quantity in boiling salted water, let it rest with the lid on for 20 minutes and then season to taste.

Bulghur is coarser-grained minced wheat when compared to couscous. If you have more time to spend in the kitchen, a light and delicious lunch can be organized with bulghur and zucchini meatballs, really good! For more information, please read the pagehow to cook bulgur.

In the photo above, a salad of legumes (cannellini beans, red beans, lupins and chickpeas) with radish, parsley, red Tropea onion and avocado. In the photo at the end of the article, a mixture of bulgur and red quinoa, with courgettes blurred in the background.

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Nature offers everything you need, it is superfluous to turn to processed foods to satisfy the palate!