How to wax at home

How to wax at home

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How to wax at home: DIY hot waxing. Waxes to be heated with or without wax heater and DIY wax with sugar and lemon.

Quiet, do the wax yourself it won't be difficult for you ... the only drawback is that at the moment of the tear you will have to perform an act of courage! Heating the wax, spreading it and even preparing it are all easy steps to complete and do not require much effort. In this article I will explain to you how to wax at homewith tools that are easy to find on the market or with DIY wax.

If you don't want to buy anything at all (not even the non-woven strips for tearing), you can make your own homemade wax from simple ingredients like lemon, sugar and honey. For the DIY wax recipe, I invite you to visit the page “Waxing with honey, sugar and lemon“.In this article we will focus on how to wax at home with products traditionally on the market.

What you need to make the wax at home

To make hot wax, you need:

  • wax spatula
    there are disposable ones in wood or professional ones in metal.
  • Epilation strips in soft non-woven fabric
    there are cheaper ones in plastic material but when it comes to body care, I advise you not to spare any expense.
  • Wax heater
    There is the type wax heaterRoll on(roller wax heater) and the stove wax heater. In both cases they are devices that run on electricity.
  • Wax
    Depending on the type of wax heater, you will need to buy fat-soluble wax in a jar or roller wax.

Is it better to use a roller or a stove?
The roller wax heater is undoubtedly very practical for areas such as legs, arms or armpits. It is more difficult to use in the groin area and is not suitable if you are used to waxing even at long intervals, so if the hair is a little longer it is better to use the classic jar with sticks. If you use the Roll on wax heater, you do not need the wax spreading spatulas.

In general, we can say that the stove wax heater is more professional and even faster (only after having done a little practice) and allows you to adjust the temperature of the wax.

Don't let the word “professional” scare you, roller wax warmers and stove wax warmers have comparable prices. A roller wax heater can also be found online at a price of 7 - 8 euros, while for a good stove wax heater with adjustable temperature you will need to invest around 15 - 20 euros. A stove-top wax heater with excellent value for money is offered on Amazon at a price of € 14.90 with free shipping. For more information, please refer to the pageMeliss 10 stove for hot hair removal.

Waxing at home without a wax heater

Sure, the wax heater makes your life easier but it also takes longer. Those with a microwave oven can transfer the desired amount of wax into a silicone container or microwave-safe food container. In fact, there are several ready-to-use waxes on the market designed to be heated in the microwave.

If you have also discarded the idea of ​​the microwave and want to heat the wax without a wax heater, you can do it using the kitchen stove: put the jar of wax suspended in a saucepan with a slightly larger diameter so as to heat the wax in a bain-marie.

How to make wax at home

Heat the wax.
A full jar with stove top wax heater takes about 35 minutes to fully heat up. A roller to heat up takes about 25 minutes. If you use the roller wax heater, unplug it just after you have heated the wax while with the stove wax heater you only have to lower the temperature to keep it warm.

With the roll-on or spatula, apply as thin a layer of wax as possible. Your skin should be dry, clean and for your good, preferably hydrated.

Apply the wax following the direction of hair growth and keeping the skin taut so as to spread an even layer.

Apply the strip and to promote adhesion, exert some pressure with your hand. Grab the strip at one end and tear in the opposite direction to hair growth.

Tear off keeping the strip as close and parallel to the skin as possible. This is the hardest part!

Know that the same strip can be used multiple times, as long as it ensures a good grip.

After the wax, if you do not have special wipes, pass some moisturizing oil. The ideal would besweet almond oil.

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