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Blast chiller: what it is, what it is used for, how it works, prices and advice for using a domestic or professional blast chiller.

L'blast chillerit is an indispensable tool for those looking for perfection in the kitchen. Its purchase is generally recommended only to professionals and to those who do not want to frustrate the attention dedicated to the preparation of dishes by following the vacuum and low temperature cooking method. So how is it possible to perform the vacuum cooking at home, the most attentive home chefs can buy a home blast chiller. Let's see immediately, in detail, what this device is, what it is used for and how it works.

Blast chiller, what is it for

The blast chiller is an indispensable tool for preserving the quality of the already cooked dishes that you intend to keep. In restaurants, the blast chiller is a must precisely because it allows you to keep a dish in the refrigerator for 15 days or in the freezer for a period of at least 6 months without losing quality.

Blast chiller, what it is and how it works

What is a blast chiller?
The blast chiller is an appliance capable of bringing, in a short time, a dish that has just been removed from a heat source (oven or stove) to a significantly lower ideal temperature.

For example, a dish that has just been removed from the heat to be stored in the freezer is placed in the blast chiller to bring it to -18 ° C. A dish that should be served cold, as soon as it is removed from the stove, is placed in the blast chiller to reach room temperature. Furthermore, a dish to be kept in the fridge, as soon as it is removed from the oven, is placed in the blast chiller to reach 4 ° C.

Blast chiller, how it works

The machine manages tolowerthe temperature of a food ensuring the maintenance of its organoleptic characteristics and maximizing hygiene. Thanks to the blast chiller, not only will the dishes retain their flavor, they can also be stored longer.

Theoperationof the blast chiller provides:

Positive abatement
It allows you to lower the temperatures of a food by taking it from 95 ° C to 3 ° C. In this way, a thermal shock is caused in the food which inhibits the proliferation of bacteria.

Negative abatement
It is equivalent to the freezing process, in fact the dish quickly reaches a temperature of - 18 ° C. This program generally takes less than 240 minutes in domestic blast chillers. With deep freezing, unlike freezing, large water crystals are not created which, by tearing the cells of the food, do not preserve its flavor. With freezing, microcrystals of water are created which are able to preserve the flavor of the product.

With this function, the blast chiller brings the food back to room temperature. It is used to defrost food returning dishes as if they had never been in the freezer.

Low temperature cooking
Not allblast chillersallow cooking at low temperatures. The latest generation blast chillers offer the possibility of cooking food at a controlled and low temperature, like the steam oven.

Other functions offered by blast chillers are those useful for bread-making (leavening) and for the production of yogurt and other fermented foods (fermentation).

Domestic blast chiller

With the increased awareness of food and with the growing passion that the international people are showing towards cooking, thedomestic blast chillers. On the market you can find smaller and more practical devices than professional ones.

There are, in fact, both free-standing and built-in home blast chillers, designed specifically for domestic use. This appliance is relatively new for the home environment, so the prices of a professional blast chiller do not differ much from the prices of domestic blast chillers.

Blast chiller, prices

A professional blast chiller equipped with 3 shelves to accommodate as many trays with food, can be bought at a cost of around 2,000 euros. Prices go up for blast chillers with 5 or more shelves.

A good domestic blast chiller that, in addition to the basic functions described above, is useful in baking and yogurt preparation, is the Fresco model by Irinox which can cook at low temperatures, quickly cool drinks and take up little space in the kitchen.

Its dimensions are compact and the price amounts to around 1,500 euros. The photo above shows the KitchenAid Chef Touch column blast chiller which includes a blast chiller with 2 cooling modes, a steam oven for cooking at low temperatures and a vacuum machine. The price of the KitchenAid Che Touch column is around 4,000 euros.

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