How to change a tire

How to change a tire

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How to change a tire: instructions for replacing the machine wheel. A simple and affordable DIY for changing the car tire.

Pitting a wheel is one of those few certainties in life, like taxes or like death: sooner or later it happens to everyone! This is why it is important to know how to change a tireand always be equipped with the right equipment.

What should I do when a tire is punctured?
The simplest way would be to call assistance but the boldest and cheapest way is to do it yourself. This is why you need to know in advance how to change a tire, so as to always be ready for this eventuality; especially if you are sissies, let's dispel the myth that women don't get along with engines and car maintenance ... let's stand up!

Replacing the rubber, in summary

You will need (essential): jack, lever wrench for bolts, spare wheel or small wheel, triangle, reflector harness.

1) Wear the high visibility harness.
2) Position the triangle 50 meters (about 70 steps) from the car.
3) Identify the lifting point near the wheel to be replaced. Place the jack and, before operating it, loosen the bolts only slightly.
4) Operate the jack, lift the wheel and continue to unscrew the bolts. Once all the bolts have been unscrewed, remove the wheel.
5) Insert the spare wheel and tighten the bolts following an X pattern. The bolts must always be unscrewed following an X pattern. Once the wheel is fixed, you can lower the vehicle again.

How to change a tire, what the law provides

If the wheel gets a puncture in the middle of a highway, the first thing to do is to activate the four emergency arrows and find a service stand or a free space where you can stop. Wear the reflective safety jacket and position the warning triangle 50 meters from the car. To calculate a distance of 50 meters, you can count about 70 steps.

In the car you must always have a reflective safety jacket and triangle. During more thorough checks, the traffic police may ask you to open the hood to check for the safety triangle. If, during a thorough check carried out by the Traffic Police or other police forces, the safety triangle on board the car is not identified, the penalty amounts to approximately 75 euros. If you still don't have these two safety devices, I refer you to three useful links from Amazon.

High visibility reflective harness
Price: € 6.92 with free shipping.
Safety triangle
Price: € 7.20 with free shipping.
Safety kit according to DIN 13164
The kit consists of a first aid kit, reflective vest and triangle. It costs € 19.99 and is offered with free shipping costs.

N.B .: traveling with a safety deposit box on board the car is mandatory in some countries of the European Union, so if you are traveling outside you should keep it in the car's glove compartment.

How to change the wheel, required equipment


  • jack
  • lever wrench for bolts
  • spare wheel or small wheel
  • gloves, newspaper and a rag (optional)

The equipment you need for change a wheel found in the rear compartment of the car: jack, lever wrench for bolts and spare wheel.

How to replace the perforated tire in the car

The use of gloves is strongly recommended especially for women who can also help themselves with a wooden board. Before lifting the car it is advisable to loosen the bolts a little with the wrench, remembering that the bolts are unscrewed counterclockwise. You can spread out newspaper on the road surface to protect your knees from dirt. As for the rag, it can be useful to protect the car body from the jack or simply to clean your hands at the end of the job.

After loosening the four bolts, the jack must be activated. You don't have to lift the car very much, just the few centimeters needed to proceed with the replacement. The wooden board could be very useful if the road surface is not stable: by positioning the board between the base of the crik and the road you will get greater stability and you can work in complete safety.

The jack must be positioned near the punctured wheel. After lifting the car, you can proceed with the total removal of the bolts and the extraction of the wheel. Change a tire it's not that difficult, most of the work has already been done, now we just have to assemble the new one.

Often the wheel rim has a different hole to help the user in the assembly operation. Looking at the rim of the spare wheel, identify the “characteristic” hole, it will be the one where the first bolt will have to be inserted.

Start screwing in the bolts with your hands -gloves will take care of providing protection from dirt!- and then proceed with the key. Lower the car and remove the crik. Once the crik has been removed, the wheel can be fixed by screwing it further with the lever key, you can push it by pressing with your foot on the key sleeve: be careful, do not use all your weight or too much force, the key could bounce off you and injure you. Now just retrieve the triangle and store all the tools used in the trunk. Do not abandon the perforated wheel on the side of the road, it can probably be repaired.

To better understand how to replace a punctured tire on your car, we invite you to watch this video.

The guide "How to change a tire" of is dedicated to all women at the wheel.

Video: How To Change An MTB Tyre. Mountain Bike Maintenance (May 2022).


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