Garden nebulizer

Garden nebulizer

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Garden nebulizer: prices, advice for selection and assembly. Nebulizer to create cool areas in the garden and for plant hydration.

Aoutdoor nebulizerit is able to lower the perceived temperature up to 11 ° C without giving any sensation of humidity or mugginess. Thanks towater nebulizercool areas can be created to ensure total well-being. Due to its capabilities, a misting system is generally defined as amist cooling system.

THEgarden nebulizersthey use a high pressure pump (70 bar) to nebulize the water by spraying it into the garden atmosphere.

Garden nebulizer, where to buy it

Having a water sprayer in the garden won't cost you much. On Amazon you can find excellent kits starting from 20 euros. Among the various products, the one we would like to point out is theMondoVerde 7.5 m nebulization kitproposed at a price of 19.19 euros with free shipping costs.

Why did we recommend this kit to you? On the one hand there are the good experiences of users who have already tried it firsthand and on the other hand there is the ease of assembly and connection to the water supply.

The kit in question is equipped with five nozzlesnebulizersable to atomize water droplets up to a diameter of 2 microns (we are talking about a very small size, to be clear, 2 millionths of a meter!). To better convey the idea, a hair has a diameter that varies between 65 and 78 microns. The water supplied by the reported kit is nebulized at high pressure in the external environment of the garden, where it evaporates and lowers the surrounding temperature.

Outdoor nebulizer: water consumption

We recommend installing thegarden nebulizernear an umbrella, a gazebo, a canopy or a pergola. You can also install it on the terrace or balcony.

A strategy to maximize the cooling effect ofwater spray, consists in the use of fans. A fan, installed at the right angle, allows you to direct thefogwhere you want it most.

Water consumption is negligible because the water is sprayed in the form of micro-droplets and not as rain. It has the advantage of humidifying the garden, improving the living conditions of your plants and making you thin out the irrigations.

Garden nebulizer, energy consumption

Just like water consumption, electricity consumption does not impact your bill. The electricity consumption required by aoutdoor water nebulizerit is limited to the requirement of the compressor pump. Generally, a pump has a low consumption ranging from 300 to 500 watts depending on the size of the system.

Garden sprayer to keep insects away

THEnebulizersfrom outside they can be used both in the context of single housing solutions and in condominium areas. The applications are many, it can be installed in farmhouses, in the commercial, agricultural, farms or greenhouses.

The same misting system is able to distribute fungicides, plant fertilizers, insecticides and other pesticides in very small quantities to set up an area free of insects.

Garden water nebulizer, advantages

Water vaporizers, better defined as water nebulizers, have several advantages. In agricultural applications, as stated, they allow you to create insect-free areas with the minimum use of pesticides. The other advantages of installing amist cooling systemI'm:

  • Promotes comfort
    Increased comfort and liveability of the garden. Contrasts the heat and lowers temperatures with minimum energy and water consumption.
  • Improve the environment
    It improves the appearance of the garden by creating a fresh and suggestive atmosphere.
  • Keep flying insects away
    The fog acts as a natural repellent against flying insects without the need to use insecticides.
  • Check for bad smells
    The fog neutralizes any bad smells.
  • It breaks down pollen and dust
    The water vaporization system is an ally for allergy sufferers because it removes dust and pollen suspended in the air.
  • Improve air quality
    It is possible to add perfumed essences to the water distributed by the external mist cooling system.
  • Humidifies the rooms
    It makes the garden more liveable for plants too. Too dry summer air is bad for man and the vegetation in the garden.

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