Tonkinese cat: character and breeding

Tonkinese cat: character and breeding

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Tonkinese cat, a compromising but not compromising cat, a breed that embodies both the robustness of the Burmese cat both the slenderness of the Siamese cat of which it preserves the proportion of the body and the musculature. Of the Burmese, on the other hand, the Tonkinese shows in evidence, and proudly, the colors, including the typical and nice spots that those cats have on their muzzle, paws and tail. Another curiosity is the change of eyes colour, in light puppies, then darker and darker.

Tonkinese cat: characteristics

Let's delve into the characteristics of this Tonkinese cat which does not deserve to be dismissed as a mix of pre-existing breeds. It is a short-haired, medium-sized feline, muscular and massive but definitely not stocky or clumsy: just look at an image. And then the limbs are thin and agile, the tail in turn reinforces the already slender appearance as it is almost as long as the body.

The head is oval, elongated, and the muzzle is a bit squared but without being too geometric, also because the nose tends to be rounded and with a slight stop. Wide at the base but with softly fine tips, the ears are not exaggerated in size, the same goes for the eyes which are placed obliquely and in puppies they can also be very clear.

The mantle of the Tonkinese cat it deserves a chapter of its own despite being short and close to the body, as it is shiny and silky, and sports varied and wonderful colors. In summary it can be described as a middle ground between that of Siamese and that of Burmese because it preserves the contrast between body and extremity but re-proposes it in a less marked way.

Today fans of this breed have "Cataloged" the types of hair in 4 versions among which it is difficult to choose. There Natural-Seal has a mink-brown body and darker tips, the Chocolate-Champagne it is as imaginable, more tending towards cream with brown ends, the Blue variant it is with a light gray body and the tips of an intense slate gray. Finally the Lilac-Platinum Tonkinese cat it has an ice-colored coat and light gray tips.

As the hair color changes, the eyes take on various types of tints looking for the perfect combination. In the Mink I am "sea ​​water”, In the blue-blue Point and in the Solid even green-yellow. It is difficult to talk about a chromatic standard for a breed like this!

Tonkinese cat: character

Intelligent and at the same time playful, the Tonkinese cat he is a feline who understands what we explain to him on the fly, but also all the tricks to open the doors and shutters of the house, so it is advisable to be on guard. He is not a spiteful type, in general, on the contrary, he proves himself affectionate and sociable, perfect for those who see a cat as a pet.

It is not good at all for those who take a feline, think they can lead an independent and solitary life because a Tonkinese cat it follows its master everywhere, even when it rests. Goodbye privacy. In addition, suffering from loneliness, if he does not receive the pampering in the dose he thinks he deserves, he makes himself feel, although not in an exaggerated and sometimes annoying way as his Siamese cousin, known for being very talkative.

Tonkinese cat: breeding

There are not many farms dedicated to this breed which is today rather unknown and rare to be seen in our country. Indeed, its origins are far from the Italian peninsula. I was struck by the history and activity of a amateur breeder of Tonkinese Cat who tells on his website, how his breeding this breed is “a self-financed hobby”.

His first Tonkinese had to fetch it from Northern Italy to Rome, touching firsthand how difficult it is to get a copy of Tonkinese. With effort but passion, he decided to create a farm in his area after having discovered some females available, in Kent. Today he can be contacted from the website of his kennel, where he talks about himself and the cat he loves so much.

Tonkinese cat: price

Being one a rare breed in Italy, before asking the price, it is necessary to investigate if there are specimens available and reachable. I recommend contacting a breeding directly to obtain this information and directly the amount to pay to have a farm in our arms

Tonkinese puppy

This breed is originally from Burma but it was selected and made official in the United States, in 1979, by both the TICA and the CFA. To "invent" this beautiful fusion between Burmese and Siamese, was in the early sixties Miss Jane Barletta, following in his footsteps the Canadian miss Margaret Conroy and gradually the current definitive standard has been reached.

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