How to keep mosquitoes away from the garden

How to keep mosquitoes away from the garden

How to keep mosquitoes away from the garden: Effective remedies to eliminate mosquitoes from our living spaces. Plants that really work and all the precautions to keep mosquitoes away from home and garden.

Plants against mosquitoes

Thanks to someplantsit's possiblereallysay goodbye tomosquitoes in the garden. Unfortunately, plants alone are not enough because they would be able to keep mosquitoes away only from a limited area; so for eliminate mosquitoes from the gardenyou will also have to follow our next steps.

Some plants contend for active ingredients that work likenatural repellents against adult mosquitoes. To make theplants against mosquitoes, you have to create real plant barriers by planting a certain number of these species. Theplants against mosquitoesthey really work when planted in groups or rows. Here are the plants that will allow you toprotect the garden from mosquitoes.

  • - Calendula
    Calendula officinalis produces flowers and leaves rich in pyrethrum, a natural insecticide. It is also very beautiful to look at and can be useful in natural home remedies.
  • - Citronella
    Cymbopogon nardus works as a mosquito repellent and is effective against various summer insects. It is its essential oil that works as a natural repellent.
  • - Helichrysum
    Helichrysum italicum thrives well in drought environments and produces silvery colored foliage. By lightly rubbing the plant, the plant parts give off a pungent and repellent aroma from mosquitoes to other insects.
  • - Odorous Pelargonium
    Pelargonium graveolens is very fragrant and can help keep mosquitoes out of your garden.
  • Lantana
    Lantana camara is a Mediterranean species that produces many flowers in the summer. The leaves are rich in anti-mosquito repellent substances. The lantana, visible in the photo above, with its nectar attracts butterflies in the garden and with its leaves it repels mosquitoes.

For cards and photos of other plants for keep mosquitoes away from the garden, we refer you to the pageMosquito plants.

How to keep mosquitoes away from the garden

Themosquitoesthey develop in water, even if we know them as annoying flying insects, water is essential for their survival. These annoying winged insects lay eggs in the water which, upon hatching, give rise to small larvae. The first larval states of mosquitoes require water to develop. Then:

  • - remove the water from all saucers and empty them systematically every day.
  • - Avoid leaving stagnant water in buckets, watering cans or various containers. Any container of water must be turned upside down if not used.
  • - Cover the openings of manholes and drains by placing very tight mesh nets to prevent access to adult mosquitoes.
  • - Close the bins that you use in autumn for the accumulation of rainwater.
  • - Water your vegetable garden, lawn and garden less frequently. Irrigate less but with more abundant doses so as to satisfy the plants without generating a constant state of humidity, especially at the level of the turf (mosquitoes love your lawn because it is constantly wet).
  • - Mow the lawn regularly, grass that is too high, especially if it is wet, offers shelter to mosquitoes and provides the perfect habitat for laying eggs.
  • - Do not leave the cut grass to macerate on the lawn.

Biological fight against mosquitoes

If you have gushing fountains or artificial lakes, consider settling shrimp, frogs or fish of the genus Gamusia which are perfect predators of mosquitoes. Dragonflies and bridesmaids can also be very useful. Even bats can help you: the biological fight against mosquitoes, in many cities of Italy, it is operated by beautiful bats. For further information:

  • Adopt Bats to fight mosquitoes
  • How to attract bats to the garden
  • Biological fight against mosquitoes

How to keep mosquitoes away from the garden, copper

Plants against mosquitoes and biological control are two very effective remedies, especially when associated with the prevention seen in the list above. Foreliminate mosquitoes from the gardenyou can add copper wires or copper plates to the saucers: copper emits cupric ions which act as natural repellents against mosquitoes. Pay attention that copper emits cupric ions only if this metal is well cleaned.

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