Vata dosha, nutrition and characteristics

Vata dosha, nutrition and characteristics

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Vata dosha,nutrition and characteristics of the Vata type according to the principles of Ayurveda. Info on the vata, pitta and kapha doshas.

L'Ayurvedait is the ancient art of healing that is still applied today in India and in much of the Middle East. Ayurveda aims to prevent all sorts of diseases with natural methods that see a healthy lifestyle and nutrition tailored todosha. The dosha, in Ayurveda, determines the basic characteristics of the physiology of each individual. Ayurveda identifies three main doshas, ​​vata, pitta and kapha dosha. For information on what the doshas and the three profiles are, we refer you to the in-depth page:"Doshas, ​​what are they".On this page we will focus onvata dosha, its diet and its constitutional profile.

Vata dosha, characteristics

The vata is thedoshaof air and ether. It is configured in an active physiology and a creative mind. According toayurveda, when the energies of the dosha vata they are not well balanced, it can lead to psychosomatic disorders, anxiety, stress and cold diseases.

Thevatait is the principle that governs the entire activity of the body, from nerve impulses to bowel movements. To thevatabelong the senses of hearing, touch, memory, conscience, movements of thought, the respiratory system, the locomotor system ... Due to its complexity, the constitutionsvatathey can experience anxiety problems, joint pain, muscle cramps and are particularly sensitive to cold, therefore vulnerable to seasonal winter ailments.

Thevata doshashould pay attention to physical activity: anaerobic activities or work that is too heavy are not recommended.

If you are a typevata doshayou should learn to speak more slowly and eat your meals calmly. Avoid crowded and noisy environments just as you should avoid exposing yourself to the cold without adequate coverage. Pay attention to regularizing the sleep-wake cycle (thevata doshait is sensitive to night watches) and alert to bad habits.

The guyvata dosha, in fact, at the base of its imbalances it could lead to disorders such as: poor sleep, alcohol abuse, too rigid diets, excess fatigue ...vata doshahe should organize himself well in dealing with trips that are too long, interspersing with stops for relaxation.

Vata dosha, nutrition

Vata - nutrition and advice. Thevata typeit is configured with a physiology in need of energy, for this reason it is importantavoid fasting, never skip mealsand organize yourself with punctual, regular and calmly consumed portions.

Energy of the typevatait tends to run out quickly, in fact between the three typesdosha, thevatait is the only one who can prefer higher-calorie foods such as sweets, oily foods, seeds and higher-calorie fruits such as figs and dates.

Due to its sensitivity to cold, macrobiotic cuisine is recommended in autumn and winter with the consumption of strictly hot foods: soups, soups, cooked vegetables.

Vata, recommended foods

The foods recommended invata doshaI'm:

  • Among the legumes, only lentils are to be preferred
  • Cereals such as oats, rice and wheat.
  • Sweet fruit, especially figs, grapes, bananas, papayas, plums and dried fruit.
  • White meats, especially turkey and chicken.
  • Red meats are recommended only occasionally, to choose beef.
  • Cooked vegetables.
  • Eggs.
  • Fish.
  • Crustaceans.
  • All dairy and dairy products.
  • Oil seeds.
  • All the spices but beware of chilli, Tabasco and pepper which should be moderate.
  • Wholemeal panela sugar.

Vata, foods not recommended

The foods to avoid infeeding the vata dosha I'm:

  • To limit the use of beans, chickpeas, cicerchie and soy.
  • Strictly avoid fasting, irregular meals and voraciously consumed meals.
  • Bitter or astringent foods should be avoided.
  • To avoid too spicy foods.

Among the natural remedies that can come in handy to the typevata doshathere is Indian ginseng, excellent for filling up with energy and counteracting stress.

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