Italian short-haired hound: price and breeding

Italian short-haired hound: price and breeding

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Italian short-haired hound one of the best hunting dogs in the world. It comes from Italy and carries its origins in the name, proud. Its unquestionable qualities of good resistance and good speed make him one of the most loved and esteemed animals in the group of bloodhounds and dogs. Let's get to know it, it's worth it, it's not worth chasing it instead. Insured bankruptcy.

Italian short-haired hound: characteristics

Symmetrical and harmonious as a whole, albeit robust and athletic, the Italian short-haired hound is a dog of mesomorphic conformation. It is very solid, from the tail to the nose, the trunk can be inscribed in a square and this only emphasizes thegeometric balance of his figure. The musculature of this breed is not too evident, it appears discreet, but in fact it is very present.

The body of the Italian short-haired hound it has a dry appearance, does not have a trace of grease, it seems designed for hunting and moving. On average, a male at the withers measures from 52 cm to 58 cm, females range from 48 to 56, the weight can vary between 18 and 28 kg.

Italian short-haired hound: character

Expansive, very outgoing, and lively, this hound is known not only for its own hound skills but also as an affectionate and obedient dog, in fact many want it as a companion dog, to be kept in the family as a companion, without any intention of hunting. His gaze, so sweet, is irresistible, he barks a little, with a shrill voice, not particularly annoying.

With your master the Italian short-haired hound he proves loyal, he is at his side very happy to accompany him on walks, hunting, discovering new meadows and woods to smell. He is an inseparable four-legged friend, his presence immediately becomes indispensable, believe me!

Even for those who still use it during hunting trips, cannot but love it and consider it useful, for its admirable olfactory properties that allow him to find the trail left by the prey in a short time.

Italian short-haired hound: puppies

The structure of the puppies of Italian short-haired hound it is already the definitive one or almost, on a smaller scale. The length of the trunk is similar to the height at the withers, the limbs, both the posterior and the front, show good bone and are well proportioned, with developed muscles and zero fat. The tail is set high, already small at the root, covered with short hair like the rest of the body.

Coming to the head, the Italian short-haired hound it has a slightly convex profile and little developed eyebrow arches, fine lips and a fairly large and always black nose. The skin all over the body is well adherent, does not form wrinkles, and is covered with obviously always short hair, smooth, usually uniform fawn.

Another color allowed by the standard is black and tan, while the white on the muzzle, on the skull, on the chest and on the metatarsals and metacarpals is only tolerated. For those who prefer long-haired dogs but have fallen in love with the Italian hound, here's the Italian strong-haired hound ready to shoot forward.

Italian short-haired hound: breeding

Recognized by ENCI, the farms of Italian short-haired hound in Italy there are about fifty, scattered both in Northern and Southern regions. Lazio is the one that has the most, 10, Lombardy is home to 9 and the third region that breeds Italian short-haired hounds is Tuscany with 6 farms listed on the official website of Enci.

This hunting dog arrived in Italy a long time ago and today it is widespread, there are thousands of them. It is said that Phoenician traders brought it from ancient Egypt, in fact we also see it emerge in some Egyptian depictions of the time of the Pharaohs.

Italian short-haired hound: price

The price of a puppy's Italian short-haired hound it can go from 500 euros upwards, obviously depends on many factors including the area in which you are looking for them, but not only. It is advisable to contact and visit some farms among those recognized by ENCI to get information. When we choose a puppy it is good that we know the most common defects of the breed: non-standard sizes, for example, or non-standard colors, total depigmentation of the nose and wall eye.

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