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Purifying drinks, some for the costume fitting, some after the holidays, some to better deal with the return and stress from the office, in the hope that together with the toxins, even the worries disappear, we have all "thrown our eyes" on these magical fluids that emerge in TV commercials and in stores. We see the news, without neglecting the great classics, and above all, we look towards new horizons because there are those who have thought of producing Anti-pollution purifying drinks. And he's doing it: ready to sip a "Anti-smog drink"?

Do-it-yourself purifying drinks

The first thing that comes to mind, looking at the portfolio and the time that is always missing, is to realize Purifying drinks do it yourself, so "I put what I want". Desire more than legitimate, but let's proceed with criteria.

Excellent to sip, as autumn approaches, it is there'Water scented with apples and oranges, very easy to obtain by leaving three oranges cut into small pieces and three sliced ​​apples immersed in about one and a half liters of cold water in the refrigerator.

Those who still have their minds and hearts left in the summer can prepare somestrawberry flavored water, beloved fruit because considered by many to burn fat. Also in this case, just leave fresh strawberries cut in half immersed in water for a day. Better to add some lime, or lemon, if you prefer, and then filter everything. These refreshing "waters" are Purifying drinks do it yourself so simple that we can prepare liters of them and sip them even two or three times a day.

Natural purifying drinks

They are by definition, or almost natural, the Purifying drinks, at least the most popular, yes. But there are those that are more natural than others, such as this one fruit detox drink, with spices and spirulina algae. It may seem like a bizarre choice, I recommend it not to complicate the vitamin because it is one of the Purifying drinks richer in fiber, vitamins and minerals. Among the ingredients are fruit, linseed oil and lecithin which provides essential fatty acids. Everything should be blended with orange juice, water, a piece of ginger, freshly squeezed lemon juice and spirulina powder. A spoon, that's enough.

Liver cleansing drinks

If you want to detoxify well, you must not neglect the liver, an important organ because it regulates the metabolism, purifies the blood, synthesizes plasma proteins, absorbs and stores vitamins. So let's see what the Better cleansing drinks to prevent liver disorders.

Here are some examples that can guide our future choices: the apple juice it is rich in fiber and contains malic acid, therefore it helps to soften the stones in the biliary tract and clean the liver in a natural way. Even the green tea, so rich in catechins, among the Purifying drinks it is considered a plant antioxidant suitable for eliminating the accumulation of fat in the liver.

Both the cranberry juice, also detoxifiers, both that of carrots, vitamins, are excellent Purifying drinks for the liver and the grapefruit smoothie, also recommended to strengthen the lymphatic system. For those who don't really like the flavor of this fruit, there is the variant al pink grapefruit, less bitter.

Purifying and draining drinks

Teas are too Very useful and effective purifying drinks, especially if we also want a draining effect. The dandelion tea, diuretic, is able to eliminate toxins in a short time if consumed regularly, but if we have time and desire we can prepare a detox green drink: let's get carrots, cabbage leaves, celery stalks, beets, a turnip, half a bunch of spinach, half a cabbage, onion and, if you like, a clove of garlic.

We mix everything in a blender and here's one of them Purifying and draining drinks more original and complete. For the lazy ones, a refreshing lemonade is also good: if you don't suffer from stomach, you can drink it even 6-8 times a day extended with water and sweetened by 2 tablespoons of pure maple syrup.

An excellent herbal tea to digest that also helps prevent kidney stones is the one at Stonebreaker. Have you ever tasted it?

Purifying drinks with ginger

Ginger appears in many Purifying drinks, it is often found, which is why I propose two that are also effective in view of winter. A decoction of ginger, with lemon and honey, in addition to eliminating toxins, it also fights colds, coughs and fatigue if sipped once or twice a day.

For those most in need of sweetness, there is it syrup with ginger, lemon and honey,similar effects but with a dense texture. In fact, the recommended doses are very different: three or four times a day you can enjoy a spoonful for purify ... even from phlegm.

Purifying drinks ... for pollution

Here is the novelty mentioned in the introduction: a drink that cleanses the body of the effects of pollution. Is called Areea, was designed by an Italian team that found the right push to start on the Cinnamon Bridge, the accelerator dedicated to food technology. Among the various Purifying drinks, this is unique because it contains an enzyme that can purify our body from the effects of pollution.

The idea was born from a research by John Hopkins University who had identified a natural active ingredient capable of purify the human body of benzene. The two co-founders of Areea, Antimo Farid Mir and Jacopo Mele, in May 2015, began to give shape to this original intuition with all the intention of turn it into a drink.

A real challenge from both a scientific, legal and food label point of view "eating habits". The Asian market, more inclined by millennial tradition, to the consumption of natural wellness products, has welcomed these Anti smog purifying drinks, and the ambitious team is continuing on its own path, with the aim of creating a new market category straddling nutraceuticals and soft drinks, at the moment so loved in our parts.

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