Rosa damascena: properties and info

Rosa damascena: properties and info

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Damask rose: properties, advice on cultivation, use of essential oil and preparation of rose water. Regenerating face mask and many natural remedies prepared from its petals.

In countriesMuslims, thedamask roseit is considered the flower of the Prophet. L'essential oil of Damask roseit is considered an effective stress reliever, it is used as an analgesic and as a sedative for a good night's sleep.

Essential oil of damascena

That ofdamascenait is one of the most expensive essential oils in the world. Just think that a 2 ml bottle of 100% Pure Damask Rose Essential Oil can be bought on Amazon at a price of 26.99 euros with free shipping, and we are recommending one of the best quality / price ratio products on the market. .

L'essential oil of damascenait is very expensive not for market choices but because theDamask roseit distills its drops of essential oils with extreme parsimony and to obtain only a few drops, quintals of rose petals are needed. For all information on the production of the essential oil ofdamask roseand on his pownership, we refer you to the in-depth page:Rose essential oil.

On the market there are damask essential oils already diluted and therefore less expensive, our advice is to buy a 100% pure and natural oil and perform the dilutions independently. Damask rose essential oil, like any other essential oil, cannot be used pure on the skin: given the high concentration of active ingredients, essential oils must be diluted in carrier oil or carrier oil. 2 ml of damask essential oil can be diluted in 120 ml of vegetable oil of your choice.

Rosa damascena: properties

Theredamask rosehas important analgesic properties, according to studies it would be able to promote a good sleep by exercising, in addition, an anti-stress action.

To counteract headaches

Against headache, headache and migraine, the essential oil of Damask rose can have an analgesic effect. To take advantage of these properties, just add 4 drops of essential oil to your home diffuser or, for the more thrifty, you can wet a small cotton handkerchief with 2 drops of essential oil. Inhale for about twenty minutes to relieve the headache. For more pronounced migraines, dilute 2 drops of damascene essential oil in a tablespoon of carrier oil. Using the ointment to massage the temple by making circular movements. For more information on how to relieve headaches in a natural way, please refer to the page dedicated tonatural remedies for migraines.

To improve sleep

In anxious subjects, the scent of Damask rose improves the quality of sleep. You can perfume the bedroom by spreading a few drops of essential oil into the room. If you are not planning to buy a diffuser, you can add a drop of damask oil to the pillow case.

Damask rose water: properties

L'damask rose water it is the economic alternative of essential oil. Rosa damascena water can be purchased or prepared at home with a very simple procedure. If the rose water is prepared correctly, it will retain all the active ingredients contained in its essential oil. For complete instructions and information on how to prepare a beauty mask with rose water (or with its essential oil), please refer to the guide article "How to make rose water “.

Rosa damascena, cultivation

If you want to cultivate the damask rose for the extraction of the essence and the preparation of rose water, we recommend that you choose the Damascena Katzantik, commonly known as Bulgarian Rose which offers good yields and a high content of active ingredients.

This rose produces a series of blooms at intervals of about 6 weeks until late autumn. There are some varieties of re-flowering or very re-flowering damask which produce flowers at shorter intervals. For the cultivation of the damask rose we advise you to follow the indications given for the cultivation of re-flowering and very re-flowering roses.

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