Electric cars, consumption and autonomy

Electric cars, consumption and autonomy

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Electric cars, consumption, reliability andautonomy. Doubts and evaluations to do before buying an electric car. How long and how much does a battery charge cost. Electric mobility enthusiasts will certainly be up to date on the Formula E 2018/ 2019, right?

It is really difficult to be able to talk aboutmanagement costsof theelectric cars. Much depends on the type of recharge (column or traditional electrical outlet), the tariff plan imposed by your energy manager and, not least, the driving style and the use you will make of your car.

To measure iconsumptioneffective by oneelectric carit is necessary to evaluate the energy consumed for each kilometer traveled or, similarly to what was done with gasoline consumption, "energy consumed for every 100 km traveled". For electric cars, this figure is expressed in kWh / 100 km.

With the data relating toelectric car consumptionyou can calculate the real range of the vehicle. How? You just need to know thebattery capacityexpressed in kWh, which by convention we will call B and the average consumption expressed in kWh / 100 km. The average autonomy or range (R), can be calculated as the ratio between the battery capacity and consumption, multiplied by one hundred:

Autonomy = (Battery capacity / Consumption) x 100

R = (B / C) x 100 where B is expressed in kWh and C in kWh / 100km and R in km. To know theconsumptionminimum, average and maximum of an electric car you can rely on the experience of test drives performed by experts or by using our data.

Electric cars on the market in Italy, the best-selling

In Italy, theelectric cars on the market most requests are, in order:

  1. Nissan Leaf
  2. Renault ZOE
  3. Citroen C-Zero
  4. Smart Fortwo ED
  5. Tesla Model S
  6. BMW i3
  7. Class B Electric Drive
  8. Volkswagen e-up!
  9. Kia Sol Electric
  10. Fiat 500E

The electric Fiat 500 is not sold to individuals but only to car sharing and car rental companies, so we eliminate it from the ranking of the best-selling electric cars and point out the Volkswagen e-Golf.

The Tesla Model S is a high-end car accessible to few, it has "high consumption" but justified by the 421 horsepower engine of the S P85 version.

Electric cars, consumption

We report the minimum, average and high consumption ofelectric carsbest-selling in Italy. By minimum consumption we mean the consumption recorded by driving the car in ECO mode and assuming a driving styleeco friendly. Similarly to what happens with petrol cars, the more we press the accelerator, the more consumption increases (and the range decreases by a full tank!). As stated, ielectric car consumptionthey are expressed in kWh / 100 km.

  • Nissan Leaf
    Minimum consumption: 10.09 - Average consumption: 16.57 - Maximum consumption: 23.79
  • Renault ZOE
    Minimum consumption: 12.25 - Average consumption: 16.64 - Maximum consumption: 27.98
  • Citroen C-Zero
    Minimum consumption: 13.18 - Average consumption: 14.28 - Maximum consumption 15.30
  • Smart ForTwo ED 75 hp
    Minimum consumption: 12.41 - average consumption 14.66 - maximum consumption 57.50
  • BMW i3
    Minimum consumption: 10.67 - Average consumption 15.90 - Maximum consumption 22.48
  • Volkswagen e-Up
    Minimum consumption: 9.10 - Average consumption: 13.74 - Maximum consumption: 16.00
  • Kia Soul electric
    Minimum consumption 10.70 - Average consumption: 14.56 - Maximum consumption 18.42.
  • Volkswagen e-Golf
    Minimum consumption: 9.12 - Average consumption: 15.90 - Maximum consumption: 22.39.
  • Mercedes Benz B-Class EV
    Minimum consumption: 17.91 - Average consumption: 19.75 - Maximum consumption: 21.84
  • Tesla Model S P85 421 CV
    Minimum consumption: 18.85 - Average consumption: 20.81 - Maximum consumption: 23.59

Among those listed, theelectric carscome onconsumptionthe lower they are, in order ofsavings: Volkswagen e-Up, Citroen C-Zero, Kia Soul EV, Smart ForTwo ED, Bmw i3, Volkswagen e-Golf, Nissan Leaf, Renault Zoe, Mercedes Benz ED and Tesla Model S.

Our editorial team had the opportunity to perform accurate test drives in first person. So we advise you to readMercedes electric cars, road tests(Smart ED and Class B ED) but above all the advice and the road test of the BMW i3.

How much does it cost to recharge an electric car

Disclosed iconsumptionrequired byelectric cars to travel 100 km, you just have to multiply the consumption expressed in kWh / 100 km by the cost per kWh requested by your electricity supplier. All the details to know the differences in operating costs between recharging from the home electricity network or from an electricity column, are given in the article entitledEV charging at home: column or electrical outlet?The article does not lack a second and careful analysis ofcostsrelated to the management ofelectric cars. On the same page we address the topic ofcharging times electric car.

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