GPS devices for bicycles

GPS devices for bicycles

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GPS for bicycles: better a specific navigator for cyclists or a smartphone? Prices and models of GPS navigators for bicycles and comparison with App and craddle for smartphones.

THE cyclists they do not miss anything, from super-equipped smartphones to systems GPS with itineraries for bicycles. Today we will talk about these. There are numerous systems GPS for bicycles, the cyclist will only have to select the destination and the navigator will suggest various routes taking into account both cycle paths than of other paths. The devices GPS for bicycles most complete have pre-installed maps that illustrate and guide the cyclist through all European cycling routes, in addition they keep track of the routes made and provide additions.

Between systems GPS for bicycles we have the older CycloSeries navigators, the two models are called "My Cyclo 300 ″ is "My Cyclo 305 ″ and can be bought with a budget of less than 200 euros. The most performing model, the Mio Cyclo 305, can interface with the ANT + sensor with integrated heart rate monitor.

They are not uncommon i GPS for bicyclesable to interface with different sensors, both to monitor the biometric functions of the cyclist, and to read power, speed, calories burned ... By taking advantage of the cadence-wheel sensor, for example, you will not miss even a detail on the progress of the bike and cyclist and you will have constant monitoring of each pedal stroke with heart rate, calculation of calories burned, organization of training and so on.

Garmin bike GPS navigators

Among the navigators GPS for bicycles most reliable we quote the products ofGarmin. The house, which specializes in satellite navigation systems, has created a model for every need and with the most disparate prices. It starts from 100 euros for the older models up to over 400 euros for the most innovative and complete ones. To get an idea of ​​what to expect from aGarmin GPS bicyclewe point out the models with the best value for money.

Garmin Edge Touring Navigator for cyclists

This bicycle GPS navigator is offered on Amazon at a price of 202.06 euros. It is quite complete: preloaded the user will find the maps of Europe and, in structuring an itinerary, he can choose up to three route options. At any time it will be possible to download new maps and routes and keep a history of their bike adventures: thanks to ConnectTM or Adventures, cyclists will be able to share their routes on social networks. The maps are related byPoints of interestspecific for cyclists.

Thanks to the device it is possible to calculate the altitude difference traveled, keep track of the average speed, travel times, km traveled ... All the activities recorded by the device can be downloaded to a PC, smartphone or tablet.

Garmin Edge Explore 1000 - GPS for bikes

This is the top-of-the-range model from Garmin. It interfaces with the smartphone, reporting any calls, text messages ... it has various functions such as the weather or the automatic sending of an emergency message in the event of an accident.

With this device, the slope indication is in real time and works even below 5 km / h (unlike the Edge Explore 800 version).

The device offers functions that allow you toto competewithvirtual partners and share your travel itineraries on social networks. As anticipated in the introduction, iGPS navigators for cycliststhey can interface with other sensors. In particular, the Edge Explore 1000, with the appropriate sensor, can return data about pedaling power in real time and can be connected to a remote control for changing screens.

When it comes to tech devices, the most competitive (and lowest) prices can be found on the web. For those who have never shopped online, Amazon is the right portal to start: safe, punctual, reliable and competitive. On Amazon, the Garmin Edge Explore 1000 is offered at a price of 406.96 euros with free shipping costs. In the supplied purchase package, you will have the handlebar bracket, the Edge remote control, a silicone case, the support for the GPS navigator and a micro-USB cable to recharge the device.

Gps for cyclists, is it worth having?GPS VS APP on Smartphone

With the advent of smartphones and related specialized apps, one may wonder if it is really worth buying a gps for bicycles.

The answer varies according to the needs and expectations of each cyclist, but three objective data must be taken into account:

  • resistance of the device
  • overall dimensions of the device and its support
  • battery life

Most of gps for bicycles it has been designed to withstand rain and shocks, something that smartphones can only guarantee with a special case. Of course, the latest iPhone 7 as well as the previous Sony and Samsung are water resistant but certainly not shockproof. Furthermore, igps for bicyclesthey are much lighter and can be attached to the bicycle handlebars with very compact mounts. Bicycle smartphone mounts are slightly bulkier ... on the other hand, it must be said that the display of a smartphone is wider!

The third point concerns the management of accumulators, smartphones have a dramatic problem: battery life drops dramatically if the device is stressed with costly activity, especially if this involves the use of GPS and constant display lighting. To overcome this problem it would take something more than an emergency battery, also because the support stands for bicycle smartphones do not give the possibility to attach a small USB charger!

In any case, those who are not afraid of wasting their smartphone can try their hand at a personal test! An attempt costs very little, at least on the front App!You can always try an application for the GPS navigation for cyclists as RoadBike Pro. If the attempt fails, we will continue with the purchase of the GPS.

If you are looking for a good smartphone holder for bicycles, an excellent solution is the OSO Cyclomount Craddle which can be bought on Amazon with € 19.90 and free shipping. The Craddle is very reliable and has excellent experiences from cyclists who have had the opportunity to test it firsthand. The triple gasket of the support that is fixed to the handlebar protects the finish of your bicycle without compromising the last layer of paint and above all without creating friction or vibrations on descents or on dirt paths.

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