Balinese cat: characteristics, care and price

Balinese cat: characteristics, care and price

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Balinese cat, the semi-longhaired version of the Siamese cat, which, so loved, has been imitated in a thousand ways, in many different versions in the coat in terms of length or color. Nothing wrong with that, it's not an accusation of plagiarism, mine, on the contrary, I love the Siamese and I'm sure that this big cat is also very proud of being an inspiration for others. The Balinese cat, it also has a somewhat exotic name, which makes you dream of strange origins but, I must disillusion you: it is made in the USA. According to the FIFe classification it belongs to the "Siamese & Oriental ".

Balinese cat: characteristics

Since Siamese is already known to many, otherwise you can read about it in the article "Siamese cat”, We begin to understand why the Balinese cat he is different: he has a softer voice, for example, and he pulls it harder, showing a proud and aristocratic attitude, despite being "only" of medium size and with a thin bone.

He cannot weigh more than 5 and a half kg, also because he would otherwise be obese taking his weight into account long-limbed and slender structure. The limbs are also light, and lean, with the hindquarters higher than the front ones which make it seem inclined, a characteristic that is also encountered in other American races.

The tail of the Balinese cat it is long and increasingly tapered to the tip but with hairs that add volume, like a plume. Moving on to the head of this feline, let's imagine it in the shape of a wedge, proportionate, without a stop shadow but with almond-shaped eyes, of a wonderful sapphire blue, oblique. The ears of the Balinese cat they are large and pointed, even the chin pointed.

Balinese cat: character

Smart and agile, despite being inclined by nature, this Siamese cat semi long has a very affectionate and generous character. He is not a mollaccione, however: as often happens with domestic cats, he knows how to show a stubborn determination but always remains sensitive and outgoing, just like the Siamese.

He gets along very well in the family and falls in love with all the members, cuddling them and being pampered, he plays with the children until he is exhausted: theirs or hers? Balinese cat he is certainly a great playful and, cheerful as he is, having him next to him is a pleasure. It is not an animal for anyone looking for the wild side in a cat that dogs often don't have.

Balinese cat: hair care

The hair of the Balinese cat is very thick and for this reason it requires frequent brushing especially during the moulting period when the ideal would be to brush it 4 times a week, to minimize the risk of your Balinese cat ingesting its fur by licking and risking. thus vomiting attacks.

Balinese cat: breeding

In Italy there are various farms of Balinese Cat, Pippessa's, for example, in the Pavia area, or the amateur Balinesi & Siamesi Felis Cou-Cou near Livorno: you can find them online, better check that they are recognized by the main reference bodies for felines.

This breed is rather known in Italy although quite recent, as it was officially recognized in 1961, its name is explained by the fact that its graceful movements are reminiscent of that of the Bali temple dancers.

The real origin of this breed, however, dates back to the 1920s when it was decided, overseas, to create a new long-haired Siamese: in the various experiments and mating with Long-haired angora and other types of cats, the Balinese cat and he convinced, deserving a race all to himself.

Balinese cat: photo

The photos, if not a live specimen to be caressed, are the best way to enjoy the beautiful colors that the Balinese cat. All those of the Siamese and of the Colorpoint Shorthair although some associations recognize only four varieties: seal point, blue point, chocolate point and lilac point while all the others end up in the Javanese category.

In Europe the Javanese are always in the race of gods Balinese: both have however a cloak from the texture fine as silk, without ruff but often with a mask to cover the whole face by connecting to the ears.

Balinese cat: price

It is very difficult to find a puppy of Balinese cat less than 700 euros, indeed, the price can even touch 900-1000 euros: American cats like this often cost a lot, fortunately for the Balinese then you do not need a lot of expenses for grooming and enjoys a robust health, should not get sick ... with the wonderful coat that has, is well covered.

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