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Pet Therapy and Pet Therapist

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Pet Therapy and Pet Therapist, are not two slogans to attract naive with the English sound and the suffix "pet" that often sounds nice, no. These are two interesting and useful practices, not very widespread compared to the benefits they bring to those who use them and which is therefore essential to know.

To know how to distinguish them from the many "therapy " that make us pass for miraculous and then turn out to be mirrors. The larks, for now, are not part of the animals protagonists of Pet Therapy and Pet Therapist but you never know in the future… Now, let's see the present.

Animals involved in pet therapy

The list is not short, for animals involved in practices of Pet Therapy and Pet Therapist, precisely for this reason one cannot go by trial and error. We find for example cats / dogs / rabbits / birds, horses (hippotherapy), donkeys (onotherapy), dolphins (dolphin therapy), birds of prey (falconry).

Even within the same category of animals, it is more than essential to identify what is right for us. May it be love at first sight, or not, we must ensure, with the help of experts, to associate ourselves with the specimen that will be able to help us best based in part on personal preferences, but also on psycho-physical abilities, on any specific phobias and allergies.

Pet Therapy: what it is

Going into the merits of what was stated in the introduction, let's see what the Pet Therapy and Pet Therapist and because it is not a scam or a fad. This therapy it is a "gentle" therapy that revolves around human-animal interaction, integrating, strengthening and supporting more traditional treatments.

Among the people who can benefit from it are those suffering from very different pathologies: relying on Pet Therapy and Pet Therapist they may notice a behavioral, physical, cognitive, psychosocial and psychological-emotional improvement.

As proof that we are not talking about anything magical or miraculous, I repeat that the Pet Therapy it does not do it by itself, and it cannot be do-it-yourself, its purpose is, for example, to facilitate the medical and therapeutic approach of professionals who sometimes find a wall of rubber instead of a patient, in the absence of spontaneous collaboration.

With Pet Therapy and Pet Therapist everything is easier to manage, but the professional figure of the doctor remains all right, thanks to the presence of the but, however, everything is simpler. The emotional relationship with the patient improves and a more direct and effective communication channel is identified.

Since the 1960s we have been hearing about Pet Therapy and Pet Therapist, from that moment, always growing, to today it is a practice applied in the social assistance sectors, in retirement homes, for example, but also in hospitals and recovery communities. Wherever, or almost, it is necessary to calm anxiety, transmit emotional warmth and overcome stress and depression.

Pet Therapy Dogs

I don't spend too many words on the pet therapy with dogs because it is perhaps the best known, I will limit myself to remembering how important it is also in this case, to pay attention to the moment of the dog-patient pairing, also taking into account practical aspects that may escape the moment. The size of the dog, its nature, the type of hair.

Pet Therapy cats

Who thinks that, wary and independent as they are, cats are not suitable for things like Pet Therapy and Pet Therapist is wrong. It exists indeed cat therapy. What can a cat "give" to us that usually once it has eaten, sleeps and if it does not sleep it plays or is on its own, perhaps occupying our place on the sofa or filling the PC keyboard with hair?

If you're wondering, here are some interesting benefits of Pet Therapy with a cat. It teaches to depend on someone without giving up one's independence, not to be deceived by appearances, to explore, observe and adapt to situations and environments, to find moments of pleasure alone and in company and not to rush: it creates stress and bad mood. IS' a way therefore to discover the cat in us.

The ancient Egyptians knew this very well, even convinced that the company of a cat protected against bad diseases.

Pet Therapy and Autism

From this specific point of view, the Pet Therapy results precious for the benefits it brings from a psycho-emotional point of view, because it often allows a special relationship to be established between the subject and the animal that often opens armored doors for others.

Playful and psychomotor side, Pet Therapy and Pet Therapist are precious: between the autistic subject and the operator of Pet Therapy a spontaneous and flexible relationship is born, without ever losing sight of the therapy objectives and in full respect of the patient's characteristics. Fortunately, in fact, pet therapy is not an invasive or even exclusive therapy, it is to be considered as one of the elements of a more extensive psychoeducational project studied ad hoc.

Pet Therapy for children

Even for a shyness or a moment of bewilderment, for a period of insecurity or high self-esteem in growth, the Pet Therapy can be an answer. How to "propose it"? With two intense films: "Pet therapy - a dog as a friend" and, changing animal, "The Horse Whisperer", film based on the very exciting book of the same name, also for sale on Amazon.

Pet Therapy in Rome

In Rome among the many realities that deal with Pet Therapy and Pet Therapist there is the National Association for the Use of the Dog for Social Purposes, founded in 1998, which today includes doctors, veterinarians, psychologists, educators, social workers, instructors and dog operators.

From year to year proposes activities and therapies which provide for animal mediation in the field of psychic and motor rehabilitation, for people with disabilities, the elderly, children and in all those cases where an animal can help to achieve well-being and a improvement of the quality of life.

Pet Therapy in Milan

In Milan an example is "Spaziopernoi", it is an association for the study of the relationship with animals that deals with projects of "Assistential Zooanthropology with Dog and Horse"But also projects of Educational Zooanthropology, Urban Zooanthropology consultancy for administrations and kennels, training for kennel operators and other dog activities. A complete offer that can also meet very different needs, the headquarters are in Sesto San Giovanni, in the hinterland.

Pet Therapist: an increasingly popular profession

You may well benefit from the Pet Therapy but also become a Pet Therapist with just as many benefits. Today he is quite a popular figure and interest is growing. Moreover, there are many different figures in this sector, which revolve around the Pet Therapy: from the project manager, in the health field, to the veterinarian who evaluates the behavioral and health requirements of the animal.

There is the intervention coordinator, the assistant of the animal who also monitors the state of health. For all these professions one is required specific preparation, you can deepen this possibility at universities and regional health authorities.

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