Remontant strawberries in pots

Remontant strawberries in pots

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Remontant strawberries in pots. Period of cultivation, treatments, diseases and useful tips.

When to grow remontant strawberries

From the end of March, it is possible to buy in the nurseries of remontant strawberry seedlings which will give you the first fruits from the month of May.

Remontant strawberries bear fruit several times during the summer and with the right climatic conditions, the blooms can last until late autumn.

Remontant strawberries in pots

The plant purchased in pots must be permanently planted as quickly as possible. Strawberry seedlings in pots must be placed in a position where they can enjoy a few hours of sunshine a day, without, however, excessive direct exposure to sunlight during the day. Place the plants in a place that receives the morning sun. If the potted strawberry plants they are excessively exposed to the sun, the leaves will start to suffer and the fruits will be less juicy.

The repotting it should not be done often: after the first planting, the strawberries they are repotted after a couple of years. The radical apparatus of strawberry seedlings it does not develop much.

Use a specific soil with a slightly acid reaction, the pH of the soil should be between 5.5 and 6.5. For this reason, avoid irrigating with calcareous water and follow the instructions contained in the article dedicated to the irrigation of acidophilic plants.

Remontant strawberries, care

All plants grown in pots need more attention and so too remontant strawberries.

Have care that the soil is always moist, especially in summer. Wet the soil early in the morning with a watering can with an extended spout so as not to wet the leaves, flowers and fruit.

Keep the pots clean: remove any dry leaves, weeds and check the soil level, often the soil "goes down" and must be topped up. Top up by adding fertile and new soil at least a couple of times a year.

Fertigation is also important: at the beginning of summer, add a liquid phosphorus-based fertilizer to the irrigation water.

Remontant strawberries in pots, diseases

Fungi and mold can affect your strawberry plants, especially during very humid and rainy summers. Among the most common diseases is powdery mildew or white sickness that infests the seedlings, covering them with a whitish veil. In these circumstances you must stop all sorts of irrigation, eliminate the compromised parts of the plant and expose it to the sun for a few more hours during the day.

Another disease that can affect potted strawberry plants is given by aphid infestations. If the infestation is light, spray the surface of the plant with a solution of Marseille soap and water. For very acute infestations, use a specific product.

Snails, lizards and little birds can greatly enjoy your harvest. To protect strawberries from birds, lizards, snails and various insects, you can cover the aerial part of the plant with a very tight mesh net. The net can be fixed to the vase with an elastic.

Multiplication of remontant strawberries

The remontant strawberries they can be multiplied very easily. For the propagation of remontant strawberries you can take advantage of the growth of the lateral stolons to carry out a multiplication by offshoot.

Just insert part of a low branch (which develops horizontally) into the ground, leave the end free in order to promote the development of a new plant. Propagation of remontant strawberry plants can be done towards the end of spring. At the end of summer, when the underground part has produced the roots, it will be possible to plant it by detaching it from the mother plant.

For the strawberry cultivation in the garden we invite you to read the in-depth study: how to grow strawberries.

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