How to fix the shutters

How to fix the shutters

How to fix the shutters:tips for repairing shutters from the most common malfunctions such as shutters with broken belt, faulty roller shutter or worn knobs.

Do you have onebroken shutterthat no longer works properly? You have probably noticed problems with the roller (roller shutter), the broken limit switch knobs, the broken belt or the shutter itself that came out of the tracks. In this article we will seehow to repair a broken shutterwith a do-it-yourself intervention.

Broken shutter

There are four most common failures that afflict roller shutters, the main cause concerns the breaking of the belt but not only ... even the roller can generate problems, in fact the roller shutter can cause problems with the binders or remnants. Finally, if yoursshutter is blockedit could be the roller pin that has slipped from its main seat. Other problems could be caused by wear of the limit switches, those present in the final part of the shutter.

Shutter with broken belt, how to fix it

When therope(or belt) to raise and lower the roller shutter, it will be necessary to replace it.

Detach the board that closes the roller shutter drawer (located above the window) so that you can access the mechanism, theropeis on the far right. If the rope is torn, remove it completely by untying the knot that keeps it anchored to the pulley.

With the rope broken, go to a well-stocked hardware store and buy one of the same thickness but about 20 cm longer (so in case of mistake, you will have excess material to work with).

Insert it into the special spouts (the lower one is applied to the wall while the upper one is fixed to the wooden chest of drawers). Make the two knots as you observed them originally (two simple knots are enough for fixing) and that's it. Refit the wooden chest of drawers and close the mechanism.

How to fix the shutters, roller shutter problems

Another very common failure involves the roller and various related problems. The roller, commonly calledroller shutteris the main constituent ofroller shutter. Generally a failure borne by theroll-up rollerit concerns the breaking of its binders.

The binders connect theroller shutterto the roller shutter, they are generally made of iron and to fix them it will be necessary to lower the entire roller shutter. How to continue? Cut the rope to the same length as the original one and with the help of some screws, re-connect the pin to the shutter coupling.

How to fix blocked shutters

Thereshutter blockedis linked to problems ofroller shutter but in this case the pin has only come out of its original seat. To understand if the problem is the pin, look at the side of the drawer opposite the one where the pulley is located (where the rope or belt is wound that allows you to lower or raise the shutter). The roller is connected to a metal pin which, if released from its original seat, will cause it to tiltroller shutter. In this case, simply reposition the pin in its place andunlock the shutter.

Again you will have to act with theroller shutterfully lowered. If the pin has come out of its main seat because its supports have broken, therepair of the roller shuttergets complicated. If it is the wall pin, with ready-to-use putty you can cement it from scratch but if it is thebroken gearyou will be forced to contact the roller shutter because the operation becomes very complex.

How to fix the shutters, the repair of the knobs

If the knob breaks you notice it immediately: when you try toraise the shutterthis instead of blocking at the end of the stroke, penetrates completely into the slot of the wooden chest of drawers.

If this has happened to you, yoursshutter is stuckand it won't come down that easily. To solve this fault, lower the shutter halfway (if it does not go down with the rope, you will have to remove the drawer and help yourself manually), remove the rubber knob and replace it with a new one; the replacement is simple to do, you just need a screwdriver and a new knob to screw in place of the worn one.

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