Restoring a door, useful tips

Restoring a door, useful tips

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Instructions for restore an ancient doorwith glass plate or wooden door. Do-it-yourself repair and restoration work.

Aancient doorit is really a big challenge in restoration: if this is your first experience, give it a try and try your hand at restoring furniture or tables first, in this way you will have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the tools of the trade! A ancient door, in a good state of structural conservation (therefore robust), it only requires patience and dexterity to return to its past splendor.

If you wantrestore a wooden door scratched, broken with holes, I invite you to read the guide article "How to repair a door".

# 1 Restoring a door:disassembly and safety

Before proceeding with thedoor restoration, disassemble all parts that can be removed. If the handle and side hinges are in good condition, you can restore them as well, alternatively they must be replaced.

If the door is glazed, remove it with extreme caution because vibrations can damage the glass, especially if it is old and therefore thin. It is better to avoid removing the glass and work on the well-secured door.

Place the door on a work surface covered with newspaper or even a blanket: the fabric is useful in the case of a glass door because it absorbs vibrations and protects the glass.

# 2 Restoring a door:calla vinyl, putty and sandpaper

If you wantrestore an ancient door, know that in the past the frame was mainly made with joints. Check the solidity of the joints of the door frame, if you notice any sagging, reinforce with vinyl glue. If you are good with wood, you can restore the joints by inserting a couple of through pins.

With sandpaper, scrape off any flaking paint. In case ofancient door, the enamel will be concentrated on the profiles but it is necessary to use the sandpaper with extreme delicacy on the whole surface.

Use sandpaper and putty to give the door surface evenness and regularity. Wood putty is useful in case of cracks, nicks and bumps. It is usually the bottom of thedoorto be more prone to damage, in this area help with a carpenter's ruler to spread the putty well.

He takes her fromrestoreit is not ancient and the paint is still well anchored to the wood, to remove the glaze it uses the techniques seen in the article dedicated to "Stripping wood".

# 3 Restoring a door:replacement of the lock

If thedoorit's a lotancientand the lock is to be replaced, keep in mind that you will hardly find an identical lock. When buying the new lock and during assembly, keep in mind the opening direction, the height and the distance between the center of the lock and the front plate.

Do not hope to adapt an incompatible lock: you can also do it but the job will not be easy because you will have to chisel the door to adapt the new lock.

In summary, forrestore a dooryou will have to:

  1. Disassemble the movable components
    You will need to remove the screws and hinges. If the door is old, the hinges will be oxidized so removing the door from its profile can be difficult, to do this you can use a drill with the tip of the same diameter as the head of the hinge.
  2. Handle and lock
    These too must be disassembled and cleaned of rust, use a specific polish. Remember to lubricate the mechanisms if you intend to reuse the same lock.
  3. Remove the old finish and polish.
    To do this, help with a spatula, sandpaper, heat gun, sander and all the tools mentioned in the article on how to remove paint from wood.
  4. Surface repair
    The surfaces must be made homogeneous with the use of a sander and putty.
  5. Gluing of wooden components
    The profiles must be glued as well as all the wooden portions that tend to detach. For gluing, it is essential to block the wood components to be glued so use clamps for a few hours and then remove the excess glue.

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