Russian Greyhound or Barzoi

Russian Greyhound or Barzoi

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Russian Greyhound, also known as Barzoi, is clearly a native of Russia and quite predictably belongs to the group of greyhounds. As is often the case with this section of dogs, this one has a rather large size and a slender, slender physique. The Russian one is then a particularly tall and particularly handsome greyhound, for the fur not only abundant but also with pleasant colors. The body of these dogs does not always have a good balance of proportions, in this case yes: the Barzoi is also elegant and rather gentle.

Russian Greyhound or Barzoi: characteristics

At the withers a male specimen of Russian Greyhound it can measure from 70 cm to 82 cm, a female about 5 cm less, the weight for both varies from 35 to 45 kg. The body of this breed is rectangular, basically long and arch-shaped, less accentuated in the female, the chest is always not very pronounced and the belly is typically retracted.

The Russian Greyhound it could only have, as a greyhound, long, lean and muscular limbs, with which it advances with great strides, elastically. The musculature is developed on all the other parts of the body up to the tail, carried in the shape of a sickle or scimitar and with a lot of hair. There head of the Barzoi absolutely must be long, narrow, dry, the profile is obtuse angled and with fine lips, edged in black as well as the truffle, always big.

Set high and back, the ears of the Russian Greyhound they are small compared to the rest of the body and pointed, the eyes are instead almond-shaped and of a darker color as possible. As mentioned in the introduction, the Russian Greyhound has a fantastic coat: long, silky, wavy or full of large curls.

The length is not homogeneous, the cloak is longer around the neck, on the side, behind the tail, the permitted colors range from white to gold-silver gold, or even shaded gold, fire shaded with black. Muzzle and limbs may also appear gray, brindle, fire and tan markings are tolerated with difficulty while in the dark Russian Greyhound the black mask is characteristic.

Barzoi or Russian Greyhound: character

The calm that this is exemplary and rare Russian Greyhound owns: he is a dog with a rare self-control He never has problems with climate and temperatures, resists almost everywhere and often shows himself very brave, especially if in charge of guarding.

In the movements and in the reasoning, the Barzoi is fast surprisingly, so much so that in Eastern Europe it is still used for game hunting. It is also suitable for living with the family, if it has the opportunity to run often and to be outdoors, and is very fond of its owner defending it 24 hours a day.

Russian Greyhound or Barzoi: origin

The origins of this greyhound and from are very ancient search in parts of Ethiopia and Egypt, areas where the greyhounds were companions of the great Pharaohs. Crossing the Black Sea, the Russian Greyhound climbed up to the former Soviet Union so that he could really call himself Russian. Among the many well-known historical figures who have lived with dogs of this breed, there is also one Tsar Nicholas II, The first specimens arrived in Europe around 1860, but the standard dates back to 1923, in 1969 it was then updated and also baptized "Barsoi" and "Psowaja Barsaya".

Russian Greyhound or Barzoi: breeding

While not well known as a name, the Russian Greyhound it is diffused discreetly in our country since in total ENCI recognizes 9 dedicated farms. There are two in Lombardy and as many in Piedmont and Veneto, in other regions such as Umbria, Emilia Romagna and Marche there is only one.

Price of the Russian Greyhound or Barzoi

To know the price of a copy of Russian Greyhound better to contact one of the farms recommended by ENCI and found on the official website of this institution. Before looking at the figures, we can begin to know the most common defects of the breed including the dull or short coat, the coarse head, a light nose, the too pointed muzzle, the too small eyes, the curled tail and incorrect movement.

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