The real Japanese miso soup

The real Japanese miso soup

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Japanese miso soup: original recipe, properties and all the information about the real Japanese miso soup. Ingredients and variants.

Many bloggers describe theMiso souplike a dish based on vegetables and tofu, dipped in a broth flavored with wakame seaweed and miso. Nothing more wrong! Anyone who has been to Japan at least once knows that theretraditional miso soupit's a soup made with miso, vegetables, tofu and… full of seafood.

Miso soup, known as misoshiru (味噌 汁), is a peasant dish that has changed over time. Today, in Japan (and so also in Japanese restaurants in Italy), many variations ofmiso soups, each with its ingredients.

The variants of the Japanese miso soup

In Japan, the ingredients ofMiso soupthey vary according to season, region and climate. There are mainly four variants ofmiso soups.

We have oneorignale miso soupwith seaweed and seafood, in particular dried and salted wakame seaweed, sea lettuce, hijiki seaweed, clams, shrimps, salmon, crabs and fish scraps such as tail or head. This dish was popular among coastal farmers since the period Muromachi.

We have one Miso soupwith vegetables and roots, prepared with potatoes, Chinese potato, taro, vegetable root, burdock, carrots, turnips, shiitake mushrooms, ginger, onions, aubergines, mitsuba, Chinese cabbage, bamboo shoots and other vegetables.

We then have the Miso soupalso widespread in Italy, with tofu, vegetables and vegetables. Often, in Japan, this soup is enriched with red meat or fish.

There is a fourth and last variant now very widespread in Japan, one Miso soupwith more consistent ingredients; this recipe is also of peasant origin and sees the use of eggs, pork, vegetables and vegetables such as burdock and potatoes.

Obviously, the use of themiso. The basis of thesoup, that is the broth, is the classicDashi(the same as thenoodle and the same that in Japan they use forokonomiyakiistakoyaki). However, Dashi can be replaced with niboshi (a type of fish broth), kombu (dried kombu seaweed broth), katsuobushi (other fish broth) or Hoshi shiitake (shiitake mushroom broth). Sometimes mixtures of different broths are used! In all Japanese miso soups the use of seaweed in the kitchen is exalted.

What is miso

Themisois a typical Japanese condiment made by fermenting soybeans with salt and Koji. Koji is the mushroom of the speciesAspergillus oryzaeand activates the fermentation of the seeds. Sometimes, themisoit is not prepared with soybeans but with rice, rozo or other ingredients.

Miso soup, property

Thepropertynutritional ofMiso soupthey strictly depend on the ingredients used. There are many recipes and it is difficult to report precise properties. We can speak, however, of the properties related to the main ingredient of this soup: themiso.

Themisosoybean is a high protein food. It is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. We told you that theoriginal miso soup recipewas born among the peasant populations of ancient Japan, in fact themisoit played a fundamental role in nutrition in feudal Japan.

Miso is widely used in Japan, both in traditional and modern cuisine. Thanks to hispropertyit has gained popularity all over the world.

Based on the additional spices and the type of fermentation, themisoit can have a sweet, earthy, fruity or salty flavor. In the photo above, from left to right, we have theKoujimiso, Akamiso, Awasemiso, Yellow Miso, Red Miso, Mixed Miso.White miso, or Shiromiso, is missing from the appeal.

Instant miso soup

One is commercially availableMiso soupready for use, in Japan it is marketed in single-dose packets (for one person). Generally, theinstant miso soupis a dehydrated soup that contains all the ingredients (including the famous wakame seaweed and tofu). It is prepared by adding boiling water. Instant miso soup can also be found in local stores and has an expiration date ranging from 3 to 12 months.

Where to buy the instant miso soup?
In shops specializing in oriental foodstuffs or by taking advantage of online purchases. On Amazon, a serving of miso soup can be bought for around 3 euros.

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