Heat pumps: installers in North East Italy

Heat pumps: installers in North East Italy

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Heat pumps, for non-experts, even the chiller and air conditioner are unexpectedly so, they are perhaps the best known but not necessarily the most useful and requested. Before making judgments and thinking that they are not "what for us", the heat pumps, let's see how they work, what they do and who to contact for the operational part.

Heat pumps: what they are

Let's start with the most technical and specific definition, the one that defines in the air conditioning sector Heat pumps those air conditioners equipped with a valve that, being reversible, allows to bring but also to extract heat from a room, from a certain closed space located in a building.

With the wider sleeve, to understand each other better, we can define Heat pumps all devices designed to transfer thermal energy from a lower temperature source to a higher temperature source. This can happen with theuse of various forms of energy, also electric, especially electric.

In addition to the aforementioned cooler, there are many others Heat pumps which have very interesting mechanisms to explore. There are those with gas compression, absorption, the Heat pumps which exploit the phase change, the thermoelectric ones with Peltier effect, those with geothermal exchange and the Vortex.

Heat pumps: how they work

When it comes to Heat pumps we refer to machines that do not all work the same way, but each category uses different physical principles. As we have just mentioned, they can be based on that of the heat transmission or on its dispersion or others even less trivial.

Trying not to prefer one to the other, to understand how the Heat pumps we don't think of a pump like that to inflate bicycle tires. Let's imagine a balloon containing 100 units of thermal energy, compressed. When its volume clearly decreases, transforming it from a soccer ball to a tennis ball, the energy it contains becomes more "dense" and the temperature inside increases.

As imaginable, too its walls heat up and, in contact with the outside air, they transfer heat, rebalancing the temperatures. The compressed balloon then heated the air around it and cooled in turn, until the air and the balloon reached the same temperature. At this point you can do this game again by putting the ball back where it was, free to return to its size of balloon. Now cold, it is ready to warm up again by absorbing thermal energy and cooling the surrounding air.

Understanding what happens to temperature by playing with the volume of a ball, let's transfer the logic to Heat pumps. Their compressor is the equivalent of those who compress the balloon into a ball: it creates the pressure difference which then starts the cycle.

The refrigerant fluid evaporates at low pressure absorbing heat, after it has been sucked through the evaporator, then in the condenser it condenses to high pressure and releases heat, the one previously absorbed. It passes through the lamination valve, the fluid then continues to become liquid / vapor and re-enters the evaporator. At this point, in heat pumps, the cycle starts all over again.

Heat pumps: why it is important to choose a good installer

Because we may be interested in knowing the Heat pumps? An experienced installer will certainly be able to explain to you individually why, by examining your thermal situation, I can however begin to provoke with a question that I also ask myself. Why not heat my studio apartment using the cold outside air? It is not a paradox and not even a joke, studying the solution that fits us perfectly, can become reality and only a valid installer can support us by suggesting us what to do and if it is convenient.

The idea, as we have seen from a more technical point of view, by studying the functioning of the Heat pumps, is to heat an environment by introducing hot air that comes from cold external air, heated with electricity. If we turn to good installers, the Heat pumps they turn out to be particularly efficient systems and allow us to consume much less energy than that required by more classical traditional heating methods.

Instead of the old gas boilers, therefore, we leave room for Heat pumps without being afraid of the slightly higher initial investment required for installation, also because there are also tax deductions related to interventions aimed at improve the energy situation of buildings. Obviously a good installer who works with Heat pumps every day he also knows how to give us tips for obtain state contributions of 65%.

Heat pump installers in north east Italy

In the rest of Italy, fans of Heat pumps they can search online or by word of mouth, the famous expert who recommends them, while those who live in the areas of Vicenza, Treviso and Venice can contact the team of experts of Earn Now. By taking a look at our space, they will be able to offer us how to improve the energy performance of the environment in which we live without spending a fortune.

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