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Ecological hostels

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Ecological hostels: where to sleep in Europe and Italy. Here are the best eco-friendly hostels that will allow you to sleep well and spend little.

For those who want to practicesustainable tourism,theecological hostelsthey are an excellent alternative to classic hotel chains. They are a valid alternative also for those who want to save; as well as friends of the environment, they can be very friends of the wallet: they are a lotcheap. Perfect for those who want to travel alone, as a couple or in a group. In particular, those who travel alone will have the opportunity to make friends with new people, meet different cultures and save on the classicsingle supplement.

Ecological hostels in Europe

If you are traveling inEurope, choose aecological hostelit will be very simple: the old continent is rich in ecofriendly hostels!

Liverpool International Inn - England

Thisecological hostelis located in the heart of Liverpool, England. The structure, for years, has adopted a practice oftotal recyclingand energy efficiency is also at home: all electrical equipment is low consumption. It has been awarded the award several timesGreen Tourism Silver Awardfor the constant commitment to environmental protection.

Center Ecologic Llemena (CEL) - Spain

Who seeks oneecological hostel in Spaincan travel 25 km from Girona. The structure was built by recovering an ancient farmhouse of the twelfth century, has a large garden cultivated with organic methods. There is also a heated swimming pool…. in a natural way!

High Street Hostel - Scotland

L'hostelit was built in a renovated building dating back to 1564. To meet its energy needs it exploits exclusivelysources of clean energy and, the CO2 emissions it produces, comecanceledwith the cultivation of a dense forest that has now reached more than 75 hectares in size. Thisecological hostelit is located in Scotland, Edinburgh.

City Backpackers Hostel - Sweden

It is located in Stockholm and is dedicated exclusively to non-smoking travelers. Its energy needs are met by renewable energy sources. Implements careful separate collection and each electrical equipment is high-performance.

Youth Hostel - Switzerland

A trueecological youth hostel: is located in Zurich, located in a quiet residential area near the lake. Well connected to the city center, it is a good solution for those lookingcheap hostelswhere to sleep in Zurich. Low consumption lights, ecological islands for recycling, zero kilometer power supply and strictly seasonal foods.

Eco-friendly hostels in Ireland

In Ireland, ecology has taken over an entire chain of hostels. Sleepzone Hostels are located in several Irish locations including Galway, Conneemara and The Burren. Thehostelsthey are all located in natural locations and offer excellent services with low environmental impact. They exploit the self-production of energy (through wind and solar sources) to partially satisfy the energy hunger of the rooms. They only use low-power electrical devices and offer promotions to incentivize guests tosustainable mobility.

Ecological hostels in Italy

For some years now, sustainable tourism in Italy has been becoming an increasingly acclaimed reality. Domestic or foreign travelers who decide to stay in aecological hostelthey have a rich choice. Here are some suggestions:

Piero Rotta Hostel - Milan

It is set in a very ecological context: a building restored with zero-impact construction techniques! The Piero Rotta hostel implements energy saving techniques and uses geothermal energy and photovoltaic panels to feed itself.

The Beehive - Rome

This hostel is located near Termini station. The kitchen uses zero kilometer and organic food, has a veg-friendly menu and implements energy saving policies.

Bamboo eco Hostel - Turin

Breakfast, in the Bamboo Eco hostel, is made with productsorganic and natural. The hostel management aims to reduce its carbon footprint through energy efficiency policies.



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