Do it yourself window cleaning

Do it yourself window cleaning

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Do-it-yourself window cleaning:tips forclean the windowsquickly and without leaving streaks onglass. Natural remedies and useful tools for DIY window cleaning.

Clean mirrors, windows and various glass has never been a rewarding activity: halos, plush, streaks and marks left by the cloth we use to dry lead us to damnation! Not to mention the halos left by the limestone contained in the water ... in short, theglass cleaningit can be a real torture. On this page we will give you some useful tips to implement an effective onedo-it-yourself window cleaning.

How to clean windows effortlessly and without drying

Those who want to clean the windows effortlessly and without drying do not have many choices: they must buy a steam cleaner or a special appliance for cleaning the windows. Do not worry, you do not necessarily have to spend a fortune: they are on the web"Occasions"low budget to tempt even the most thrifty housewives.

Among the cheapest products with the best value for money, we point out the Vileda Windo Matic Drip Cleaner. It is an electrical appliance (wireless, it works with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, just like the mobile phone) that goes to dry the windowssucking up the water(even if dirty or soapy)superficialwithout leaving halos or smudges of any kind.

This product can be bought on Amazon at a price of 36.46 euros with free shipping, has a flexible head and is good fordo it yourself cleaningof anyglass: from the car windows (windshield and rear window) to the shower box.

Useful link: Vileda Windo Matic

It is suitable for cleaning all flat and smooth surfaces: including tiles, glass tables, or windows.

How to use? Just clean the glass with a sponge soaked in soapy water (preferably hot) and then use the drop vacuum.

This tool dries only, Vileda also offers accessories for washing windows but frankly it is not convenient: the problem ofglass cleaningit is not so much washing (just water and non-abrasive sponge) as drying, it is when we dry that we leave various marks and traces. This appliance allows you to wash the windows without having to dry them because it sucks up all the surface moisture.

Do it yourself window cleaning

Those who really do not want to buy a drop vacuum device can perform a thorough cleaning of the windows by investing their energy in terms of "workforce" efficiently. Forclean the windowsyou can divide this activity into several phases.

  1. If the glass is very dirty, you will need to wipe with a dry cloth to remove dust before starting to clean.
  2. Pass hot water using a soft sponge. For best results, dilute Marseille soap in water. Attention: the water must not foam, otherwise it will become harder to dry without leaving streaks!
  3. Perform movements that go from the center of the surface to the outside.
  4. Dry with a soft, perfectly clean and intact cloth that leaves no residue.

To clean a glass that is only dirty with dust, arm yourself with a sprayer. If the glass is free of dirt or dust, it can be treated with natural cleaners such as alcohol or white vinegar.

For maintenance cleaning, you can create a solution to be poured into a spray bottle: just add a few drops of white wine vinegar or alcohol to the washing water.

Spray this solution on the surface of the glass, rub with a soft, clean cloth and dry with a second cloth. On the market there are rags born for glass, remember to wash them periodically because these rags easily lose their effectiveness.

In the case of large windows, arm yourself with telescopic rods that allow you to clean the entire window faster.

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