Compost or manure, here's how to choose

Compost or manure, here's how to choose

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Compost or manure: the evaluations to be made before choosing how to fertilize the soil. Properties of manure as a fertilizer compared to compost, doses and advice on use.

Thecompostis considered themodern replacement of themanurebut does it really live up to its predecessor? Let's find out together by comparing theproperties of compostwith those of manure to fertilize the soil.

Homemade compost

With the termcompostwe refer to different products because they originate with different starting materials. Even in the home, if we produce fertile soil from our food waste, the final composition of our compost in two annual cycles will see different results.

Thehomemade compost it is a precious resource for the garden. Compost can easily be produced from food waste and vegetable residues from the same garden. For a guide on how to produce fertile soil from organic waste, we refer you to the pagehow to make compost.

As an alternative tohomemade compost, you can buy fertile soil that uses compost as the first ingredient. When buying, prefer organic compost and be careful not to get confused: there is acompostobtained from urban recovery of mixed origin where it is possible to find plastic or unspecified residues that in jargon are defined as "inert". These "inert", unfortunately, are not so "inactive" because in our soil they can degrade and give rise to compounds that are potentially harmful to the environment and crops.

Compost, property

It is difficult to speak, in general, ofproperties of compostprecisely because this fertile soil can be obtained from different starting materials.

A good compost is obtained from organic vegetable waste, therefore free of chemical residues, it should be well mature and therefore light, without producing bad odors. Compost is suitable for any type of cultivation: from the preparation of the seedbed of the lawn to the vegetable garden, from the orchard and to ornamental plants.

Like manure, compost releases nutrients slowly. More than manure, compost, incorporated into the soil, improves the supply of organic matter and the ability to retain moisture.

How to use compost or manure to fertilize:doses and distribution

To fertilize the soil, you will need to use a kilogram ofcompostfor each square meter of land.

How to proceed to fertilize?
The compost is usedjust like themanure. The compost (or manure) must be distributed on the ground or incorporated with a soil tillage. To incorporate compost or manure into the soil you can do a hoeing (to incorporate it into the first layer of earth) or a deep dig (to incorporate it deeply, during plowing).

In case of planting of new plants, the use of compost can take place at the same time as that of manure. You can prepare a layer of mature manure and a layer of compost at the bottom of the hole (or just one of the two organic fertilizers), add soil mixed with gravel (to improve the drainage of the soil) and then continue with the planting.

Compost or manure

Thecompostit is more practical to manage: easy to transport and handle and it is also very easy to find, paying attention to the origin. It can be produced at home thanks to the improvement of separate collection and the correct management of organic waste. Unlike compost, however, manure has an increasingly secure origin, it is taken directly from the farm or by a trusted farmer and in addition has a lasting effect on the soil. By adding manure we improve the structure and composition of the soil even in the long term.

Manure as fertilizer is an excellent source of micronutrients for the soil and improves its entire structure, however those who have the opportunity to produce compost in the context of your garden, you can choose compost for its greater practicality. Those who have no problems of availability and space and can fertilize with aged manure (well fermented and very ripe), can choose the manure.

Manure in pellets or manure does not retain the same fertilizing properties as mature manure. If you have compost at home, it is much better to use this fertile soil rather than pelleted manure.

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