Sweet peas in pots

Sweet peas in pots

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Sweet peas in pots: sow sweet pea in pots or in the garden to grow beautiful pea flowers. The care to be devoted to cultivation, diseases to be controlled and the preparation of the seedbed.

Sweet pea flowers

THEpea flowersthey are very elegant: they have an intoxicating and honeyed scent, they have very delicate petals in pastel colors, pink, purple and yellow. For their graceful bearing, the petals ofsweet pea flowersthey are often compared to butterfly wings.

Sweet pea, characteristics of the plant

THEsweet peasthey are highly cultivated for the scent and beauty offlowering. The flowers bloom in spring and the best time to start cultivation falls in autumn, with the month of October.

Thesweet pea, of the speciesLathyrus odoratus, is an annual herbaceous plant,climbingand quite rustic, so it does not need any detailscare(when the climbing plant is well developed, but in the early stages it will take you more); it does not fear low temperatures but does not tolerate frosts and extreme colds: it suffers if the temperature drops below 4 ° C and therefore must be protected in winter.

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Sow sweet peas

To get gorgeousbloomsspring, the sowing ofsweet peasit takes place in early autumn, with the month of October.

Be very careful to prepare a great bed ofsowingbecause germination and early development are crucial.

Prepare a soil that is soft, fresh and rich in adequate nutrients, especially phosphorus and potassium. The soil must be well drained because the roots of this climbing plant love constant humidity but do not tolerate water stagnation which would lead to rot.

Who wantsgrow sweet peas in potsit is facilitated for this: the more you choose the most suitable soil.

Who wantsgrow sweet peas in the gardento create flower beds, he will have to modify the structure of the soil: if the soil is clayey you will have to integrate it with sand and gravel, if instead your soil is sandy you will have to enrich it with soil and compost.

The sowing depth, regardless of the position of the substrate (vegetable garden or pot), is only half a centimeter forsingle-flowered sweet peasand one centimeter for the varieties oflarge-flowered sweet peas.

Containers with seeds should be exposed in full sun.

Sweet peas in pots

Thesweet pea, like allclimbing peas, for growth requires a brace. For thecultivation in pots, choose wide and shallow containers, boxes that are only 30 - 40 cm deep and very wide will do.

By choosing to grow in boxes or low planters, you will be able to better protect the crop from the cold, however if you prefer the pot you can sprout every single seed in a jar that with the arrival of winter must be protected on the surface by a layer of ash or peat; the pot must then be placed in a larger container together with other pots.

Once developed, thesweet peathey can be grown near fences, pergolas, gates, railings… these flowering climbing plants they will perfume the entire area.

Sweet pea seeds

The integument of theseedsit is very rigid so, before burying them, soak the seeds in an infusion of warm chamomile. For disease prevention, many recommend spraying a fungicidal product on the seeds.

In the photo in the center, a variety of mottled flower sweet pea. For the purchase of seeds ofsweet peayou can take advantage of the online sale or contact your trusted nursery. On Amazon there is no shortage of seeds of different varieties (simple and very fragrant flower, or large flower or fragrant mottled). Useful links: fragrant pea seeds with mottled flower, seeds cost 1.76 euros with shipping costs of 1.50 euros.

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