Types of milling machine for wood

Types of milling machine for wood

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Types of milling machine for wood: how to mill wood by choosing the tool that best suits your needs. Horizontal, universal or vertical milling machine.

What is the wood milling machine for?

There milling machineit is a very versatile tool that can perform many functions.

Theremilling machineallows you to model a wooden element giving it the desired shape.

Thanks to the copier function it is possible to reproduce the same identical profile on other wooden elements thus creating identical shapes.

Theremilling machineit allows you to drill holes, carvings, grooves, reliefs ... It is widely used to cut out various parts of wood to be used then interlocking.

In short, when we talk about wood milling we can refer to different types of processing of this material.

On the market there are different types ofwood milling machine. The main ones are:

  • horizontal milling machine
  • vertical milling machine
  • universal milling machine

Horizontal milling machine

Theremilling machine for woodof typehorizontalit has a rotation axis placed horizontally to the support surface.

Therehorizontal milling machineit is mainly used forflatten, make grooves, cracks, to perform straight profiling ...however, by purchasing the appropriate cutters it is possible to adapt it to a large number of woodworking.

Among the various models on the market we point out the BT - BJ 900 by Einhell which manages to offer the functionality of a professional milling machine while maintaining an affordable purchase cost (on Amazon it is offered at a price of 69 euros with free shipping costs).

This horizontal router is suitable for creating notches and joints in solid wood or plywood. Its milling reaches a depth of 18 cm and has a three-position adjustable structure.

Among the functions of the milling machine just mentioned, we point out the multifunction guide that allows the maximum handling of the instrument.

Vertical milling machine

The spindle axis and the cutter have a vertical position. Therevertical milling machineit is particularly suitable for creating holes and boring and for obtaining edges and profiles.

As for the horizontal milling machines, also for the vertical ones the market offers models for every need, from professional ones to models for hobby use. A good meeting point between professionalism and handling is given by the POF 1200 AE ROUTER EXPERT model, offered on Amazon at a price of 95 euros with free shipping. Again, we refer you touseful linksto obtain all the technical specifications of the milling machine.

Theremilling machine, to always reproduce the same template (instead of the copying system), it has the SDS mode, which is easier to use.

Universal milling machine

And thewood milling machinemore expensive because it allows greater versatility. It must be said that it is even more cumbersome and is aimed at an audience that is already familiar withwood milling.

Its structure is similar to that of the horizontal milling machine but is equipped with a rotating plate placed around a vertical axis. This structure allows you to orient the wood in an oblique direction with respect to the rotation axis of the cutter. With the universal milling machine it is possible to have an upper margin of inclination with woodworking in an oblique direction.

Those who want a powerful tool capable of making doors and windows and important woodworking, can aim for oneprofessional milling machine such as the Bosch GOF 1600 CE power tool. Industry professionals have very positive views on thisprofessional milling machine, however, it may not be suitable for hobbyists, not only for the price (costs around 400 euros) but for the lack of handling. The universal milling machine is less handy than the models mentioned so far.

Useful Link: Bosch GOF 1600 CE

Metal or plastic milling machine

Not just wood, replacing the modeling elements according to needs, themilling machineit can be used for processing different materials such as plastics or metals.

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