Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle dog: puppies

Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle dog: puppies

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Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle dog, a long name for a dog that is very difficult to find in Italy but not impossible. Evidently he was born in Australia and is not very inclined to leave his homeland, one can understand a little. The breed belongs to the group of gods Shepherd Dogs and Bovari, is a medium-sized animal with a well-structured, proportionate and resistant physique.

Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle dog: origins

To better understand the genealogy of this dog, we can start calling him Australian short-tailed mountain dog. There is still no certain information on its origins but one of the theories that most convince even the experts is the one that it claims derives from crosses between Dingo and Scottish Shorthaired Shepherds. We are in the mid-nineteenth century, then a little Dalmatian blood may have been added, setting a typical character for theAustralian Stumpy Tail Cattle dog: the absence of the tail.

Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle dog: character

Despite being devoid of an important part of the body, with which to wag its tail happily, theAustralian Stumpy Tail Cattle dog not a sad dog at all, quite the contrary. He has always been used to looking after the flock, and is a working animal, also good at guarding the house and garden.

With your master develops a relationship of trust that then lasts forever, he needs continuous exercise and being outdoors, so let's not force him to stay in an apartment. This would make him terribly sad.

Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle dog: puppies

The puppies of Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle dog they immediately show a keen propensity to work, however they are small in size and have to wait to grow to get serious. As adults, males can measure up to 50 cm at the withers, females a little less.

Broad and slightly convex, the skull has a light and clear stop ending in a black nose, the head fits harmoniously into the body, straight and massive, with dry and well-drawn lips while the jaw is well developed.

The eye color is dark brown, they have an oval shape and medium size, lively and intelligent look, the ears appear rather small but wide at the base, and then end in a point, not spoon-shaped nor shaped like a bat wing, the tail ... is not there. The limbs are very muscular, both the upper and the front ones, and end with round feet with hard and thick pads.

The cloak ofAustralian Stumpy Tail Cattle dog it is very particular, both to the touch and to the sight. The coat is smooth and double, with a short and dense undercoat, hard to touch but waterproof, an essential feature for a dog that often stays outdoors to look after the flock. It is longer under the body and partly on the limbs where create shorts, slightly pronounced, on the head and feet, the hair is shorter.

The color of the coat may like it or not, but it is unique and unrepeatable: blue, marbled blue or speckled blue. Some may also appear black, blue or tan markings on the head while the forelimbs are fire-colored up to half height and then fade. The undercoat may also be tawny on the neck but should not become too obvious.

Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle dog: breeding

Despite having a free, free, soft and easy pace, ours Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle dog in Italy it has not yet arrived, not so much as to have those who raise it in an organized way. The ENCI site, in fact, does not indicate any certified breeding for this breed and also in the rest of Europe it is not easy to find them.

Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle dog: prices

The cost of a puppy is not very high Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle dog, not in comparison to other breeds, but it must be taken into account that to get it you have to sweat. A specimen can cost 400 - 600 euros, healthy and good worker.

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