Hawthorn, properties and contraindications

Hawthorn, properties and contraindications

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Hawthorn, properties and contraindications. Advice on using hawthorn as a natural remedy for anxiety, stress and other ailments.

Thehawthornis a plant of the Rosaceae family. Its botanical name isCrataegus monogynaand he is popular, not in the world, for hispropertybeneficial.

Hawthorn, property

Thehawthornhe is known for histherapeutic uses. It is widely used asmedicinal herb, antidiarrheal, hypotensive, cardiotonic and as a tonic.

It contains several active ingredients of different nature: flavonoids, triterpene compounds, amines, sterols, tannins, purine derivatives…. Among the most popular active ingredients we point out the flavonoid vitexin which gives the hawthorn extracts soothing properties.

Flavonoids are powerful antioxidants and counteract the action of free radicals. Flavonoids act concurrently with other active ingredients and perform cardioprotective activity: they help dilate the coronary arteries (those that carry blood to the heart) and improve blood flow by regulating blood pressure.

Thanks to the presence of proanthocyanidols, the extracts ofhawthornexercisepropertycardiotonics: improve the contractile strength of the heart. Thanks to their action, proanthocyanidols reduce tachycardia, arrhythmias and help in the prevention of heart attacks and other liver diseases.

Hawthorn, DIY infusion

Thehawthornit is a simple plant to grow, it is characterized by an appreciable appearance so that its cultivation is widespread for ornamental purposes. For all the information we invite you to read our guide article:how to grow hawthorn.

If you have a plant ofhawthornyou can collect leaves and flowers to dry them and use them throughout the year.

If you harvest hawthorn in the countryside, make sure it is not near fields where pesticides are used. In built-up areas, avoid plants near busy roads.

A level spoonful of hawthorn leaves and flowers, infused in a cup of boiling water, can be taken in the evening as a relaxing remedy. Away from meals, this infusion can be a natural remedy to prevent hypertension.

In the past, hawthorn tea was used to prevent bronchitis and other inflammations. In the homeopathic field it is a remedy for capillary fragility, arrhythmias, palpitation and angina pectoris. Before using hawthorn for the treatment of any ailment, it is good to consult the opinion of your doctor.

Hawthorn, natural remedyagainst anxiety, stress and insomnia

Thehawthornit is known for the action of vitexin, one of its active ingredients. Vitexin would act as a natural spasmolytic, sedative and anxiolytic. For hispropertysedative, extracts ofhawthornthey are recommended to soothe states of anxiety, agitation, anguish and in case of insomnia. Associated with relaxing herbs such as valerian, hawthorn would reduce emotion by predisposing to calm and relaxation.

Among the various hawthorn-based products to soothe anxiety, we recommend the natural home tabletsMatt. Among many products we have chosen this because it combines the active ingredients of hawthorn with those of Valerian. It is a 100% plant-based supplement, so it can also be taken by those who lead a Vegan lifestyle.

Hawthorn, side effects and contraindications

In botany, thehawthornhas contraindications in the case of adjacent crops of fruit plants: in some regions of Northern Italy the planting of new hawthorn plants has been prohibited because they are considered carriers of the Erinia amylovora bacterium. This bacterium is harmless to humans but is responsible for diseases that affect fruit trees.

For man, thehawthornpresents a fewside effects and contraindications. Hawthorn extracts in the form of mother tincture, tablets or other food supplements, are not recommended for those suffering from low blood pressure. If you are already taking synthetic hypotensives, ask your doctor for advice before administering hawthorn extracts.

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