Pubalgia: symptoms, remedies and exercises

Pubalgia: symptoms, remedies and exercises

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Pubalgia, we are used to associating it with the name of some well-known footballer when we hear that he remains off the pitch because he is not fit, but everyone can have an attack of Pubalgia, it is a pain not related to the activity or the salary of these athletes. It is nothing serious even if tremendously annoying, it can be cured with exercises and natural remedies, except in the acute phase when there is only to rest, sometimes with a painkiller so as not to suffer too much.

Pubalgia: what it is

Beyond the players, let's see what the Pubalgia: it is a painful syndrome that causes severe stinging or pain in the groin and / or pubic area and / or on the inner face of the thighs. How can this pain arise? There are over 70 causes, it is better to learn to cure yourself without going crazy to understand what exactly our reason is.

Pubalgia: symptoms

The pain gives Pubalgia it can also reach the antero-medial aspect of the thigh even if it starts from the pubic area, and it can even radiate in the retropubic area causing a feeling of always having to go to the bathroom to urinate even if not really necessary.

Usually you find that you have the Pubalgia when you start to do physical activity, not necessarily sporting but simply starting in the morning after hours spent resting. Often after some time the pain disappears or subsides, but if it escapes us a brusque movement, returns to haunt us, sometimes even becoming more acute.

Pubalgia: causes

As mentioned, there are 72 different possible causes for Pubalgia, without therefore listing them all we can say that this pathology is often linked bad posture or badly occluded teeth. If some of our muscles remain contracted, tension is transmitted and the whole body can feel its repercussions.

For pregnant women it adds a cause of Pubalgia, laxity of the pubic symphysis due to the marked release of the relaxin hormone, which makes the joints more relaxed. More than looking for the cause desperately, it is better to pay attention to posture and to the our movement habits.

Pubalgia: natural remedies

The only natural remedy in the acute phase for Pubalgia it is total rest, because the pain is so terrible that only at a later time can one be useful physiotherapy therapy, first you need the medical one. If we are athletes, we stop training for a while and ask the doctor how and when to resume, in the meantime it is possible to try with the Cryotherapy, ice therapy.

Just the cold manages to reduce pain and swelling in the pubic and groin area, relaxing the muscles. If the pains are not very strong, we can also apply ice to our home, buying it in an envelope at the pharmacy, hoping that the Pubalgia will improve without becoming chronic.

The doctor usually prescribes anti-inflammatory and / or pain relievers, we can replace them or combine them with turmeric, ginger, arnica and devil's claw, all natural products that if applied to the painful area can give relief from pain.

Pubalgia: exercises

When despite our attempts to cure an attack of Pubalgia, this pathology becomes chronic, we can always try to decrease the pain by practicing targeted physical activity that a good physical therapist can recommend.

It usually provides stretching exercises of the adductor musculature and posterior chain, mono and bipodal proprioceptive exercises, strengthening of the retroversory muscles of the pelvis. Those of are also often recommended intermuscular coordination and reprogramming of the motor scheme. For those who habitually practice a sport, perhaps at high levels, there are also ad hoc, targeted advice.

Sportsman's pubalgia: a text to deepen

Going back to the footballer's pain discourse, here is a book with which to deepen: it is entitled "The sportsman's groin ". On Amazon at 18 euros it can be purchased and will help us to learn about the various types, in addition to the therapeutic strategies proposed to date. For example, those who play football have groin pain also called sheath syndrome (or perforating nerve) of the rectus abdominis, caused precisely by the gesture of kicking that creates a strong muscular tension in the abdominal area.

There are also other types of Pubalgia, for example that understood as insertional tendinopathy, caused by repeated microtrauma to the adductor muscles of the thigh and abdominal muscles. Or the syphyseal syndrome, caused by microtrauma induced by the adductor muscles that create a sort of collapse at the level of the symphysis.

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