South Russian shepherd dog

South Russian shepherd dog

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South Russian shepherd dog, a shepherd dog in name and in fact, Russian in name and in fact. Honest and massive, this animal has an XXL size that leaves you speechless. In part this feeling of strength and power is related to the abundant coat, but the musculature is also present and you have the proof when you see a South Russian Sheepdog in action. It is indeed agile and of great elegance, proportionate and good as shepherd dogs often are.

South Russian shepherd dog: characteristics

An adult male specimen can reach 65 cm in height at the withers, there are some South Russian shepherd dogs which even exceed 70 cm, all have a massive trunk, including females, without spoiling the harmony of the whole.

The limbs of this breed are well upright and straight, especially the rear ones give the feeling of power, the tail is thick at the root and becomes thinner towards the tip without exaggerating. The head is a big head, large and broad also the muzzle which has a little accentuated stop and a dark nose. The eyes of the South Russian shepherd dog they are almond-shaped but not too pronounced, their color must be dark, the ears with respect to the body are small and triangular, hanging and close to the skull.

As I mentioned, the cloak of the South Russian shepherd dog contributes to the enormity of his figure, the hair is about ten cm long, it is thick and slightly wavy, rough to the touch and equipped with a rich undercoat. Uniform white is one of the most frequent admitted colors to be seen but there are also greyish-white (ash), white with gray traces and speckled gray. In theory, they exist but are almost impossible to find, specimens with white-fawn, straw or completely gray fur.

South Russian shepherd dog: character

Strong in body but also in character, this dog has a very reactive nature but at the same time it is balanced and good even if it tends to dominate. When he has a property or a person to defend, he is always very active and courageous, even when he relaxes he has one intelligent and receptive gaze, in the family it is adorable and adored, if you have the space to host it, it is a perfect playmate and life partner, also useful as a guard dog.

South Russian shepherd dog: breeding

As you may have already suspected, there are no farms in Italy that keep this breed, at least not among those officially recognized by ENCI. The South Russian Shepherd Dog in his homeland he is called Ioujonrousskaïa Ovtcharka, but if we look for him around Europe we can also call him Berger de russie méridionale, Südrussischer Ovtcharka, South Russian Sheperd Dog, Perro de Pastor de Rusia Meridional.

Of the three Russian shepherd dogs, this was the first to have received official recognition from the International Cynological Federation, in 1983. Despite having anticipated, it remains the least widespread in Europe and it is a real shame, even its real origins are a mystery, it seems to have to do with the Tibetan Mastiff or with the Siberian wolf. If we want to play it safe and find those who raise it, we can go to the Crimea and Ukraine.

South Russian shepherd dog: price

The price in euros is difficult to indicate, also because in addition to hard cash, to have a copy of South Russian shepherd dog you also have to spend time and energy to understand where to find one and how to bring it to Italy. We can begin to know the most common defects, including incorrect gait, poorly worn ears, a little muscled hindquarters and an aggressive character.

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