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Home comfortand hotel home comfort: these are the standards to be pursued in order to create the optimal condition for enjoying an environment at its best.

When we talk abouthome comfortwe refer to a long series of factors, among the main ones: brightness, temperature, humidity, air quality and sound insulation. Thanks to technology, when it comes tohome comfortyou can make a 360 ° speech and take into consideration the wide range of possibilities offered by home automation.

With the need for economic savings and environmental protection, thehome comfortcannot ignore energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. From this premise it is clear that only a set of many elements lays the foundations for ideal home comfort.

Hotel home comfort

When we refer to a hotel home comfort, the factors to be considered can be more or less essential based on the structure we are facing. The essential factors that cannot be missing are:

  • suitability of electrical systems
  • Good functioning of heating systems
  • Absence of architectural barriers
  • Control of the microclimate
    - Temperature
  • Good air quality

Let's talk about Comfort at home

To increase the degree ofliving comfortit is possible to exploit a large number of technologies that are now very mature and already on the market. There are many strategic solutions that offer aliving comfortof a good standard. To give some examples:

Home automation electrical system

It is able to automate anything! From the surveillance system to plant irrigation, from cleaning the pool to opening the doors! Home automation can take care of all electrical appliances as well as environmental management, including air conditioning (regulation of the temperature, speed and humidity of the air), water heating (thanks to timers and thermostats) and '' automatic lighting (thanks to motion sensors that perceive the opening of a door or the entry of a person into the room).

Renewable energy sources

They reduce the costs of electricity and heating costs. They allow optimal use of resources. Renewable sources can cover a more or less significant part of the energy needs of the house.


The sound insulation allows you to maximize the living comfort eliminating the annoyance linked to the sources of noise pollution (external noise). In the article dedicated to ceiling and floor insulation, we have provided various solutions to maximize theliving comfortalso in a condominium.

Thermal insulation

The set of thermal and acoustic insulation is calledthermo-acoustic insulation. Thermal insulation is necessary to avoid heat loss and not excessively weigh down the building's heating or air conditioning system. The insulation of the building envelope is fundamental in all its parts: windows, doors, flue, perimeter walls and so on.

Radiant heating

Radiant panel heating, especially underfloor heating, allows for optimal heat distribution. Physiologically, our body should see higher temperatures towards the lower limb area and lower temperatures towards the upper area. The radiant floor panels spread heat from the bottom up, fully respecting our thermal needs.

Natural and LED lighting

South-facing windows can maximize natural lighting in the rooms, while LED lighting systems allow for adequate energy savings.

Natural or mechanical ventilation

Air quality strongly affects thehome comfort. The air exchange can take place through natural ventilation or mechanical ventilation. Air changes are necessary to combat condensation, mold and humidity in the house.

Mechanical ventilation systems can integrate mechanisms to recover the thermal energy leaving the building. Mechanical ventilation systems can integrate air filters to reduce indoor pollution.

Forced ventilation is very useful for ensuring good air exchange without necessarily opening the windows and without heat loss thanks to ventilation with heat recovery.

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