Pear: recipes and benefits

Pear: recipes and benefits

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Pear, a fruit often used to define someone who causes disasters or a little incapable. Or in other areas not always related to food or agriculture, which often deviates from the importance it has in our menu. It is associated with the Apple, but it is not at all the same to eat one or the other. First of all we find it hanging from the plants of the genus Pyrus, the most common is, coincidentally, the Pyrus communis. Especially if we have gut, bone, brain or blood circulation problems, we better learn the properties of pear and how to cook it so that it is not a medicine but a greedy snack.

Pear: recipes

Pear-based desserts are numerous and we will see some examples, but let's start with a basic dish: baked pears. Let's take 4, get 1 bottle of new wine, 120 grams of sugar, a little cinnamon and / or 8 cloves. It is a very delicious dish but it is prepared in 10 minutes and after 30 minutes of cooking it is ready to be served. In particular in winter it is highly recommended.

With the oven on at 180 ° C, pour the wine into a small saucepan with high sides, adding the sugar and stirring. The peeled pears, leaving the baby intact, should be placed upright in the sweetened wine and flavored with spices. Everything is covered with foil and put in the oven for less than half an hour. Once the pears have been removed from the casserole, a sauce remains with which to "season" them as desired.

Pear: benefits

This recipe as the next ones are not a sin of gluttony because the Pear is precious for the body: rich in calcium and boron, it fights osteoporosis and lowers cholesterol. Calcium is always great for bones, boron also has a good effect on our brain: it improves alertness, memory and the ability to store notions.

Pear: calories

I'm 35 calories contained in 100 grams of pears, but this is true for fresh pears, certainly not for canned pears which have 25% more calories. Not only that: prepared in this way they do not give the same benefits because, being peeled, they are devoid of fiber, and lose many of the nutrients during processing. In a pound of pears there are 87.40g of water, 8.80g of carbohydrates, as many of sugars, 0.30g of protein and 0.10g of fat. There are 3.80g of fiber.

Pear: nutritional values

One of the plus elements important of Pear are the fibers: with only two fruits a day you can meet 33% of the daily requirement but only if you don't peel them, otherwise you won't get much. In particular, of the fibers, we are interested in pectin, able to form a viscous layer in the intestine which it binds to cholesterol favoring its evacuation together with the stool.

Pears: variety

There are many varieties of pears, we see the most suitable for cultivation, counting that the fruits usually ripen from mid-July to the whole of October. Among the best types there are Coscia, Butirra precocious morettini, Dr. Jules Guyot, the summer Spadona, the very well known William, the Pera Conference, Abate Fétel, the Dean of the meeting, another well-known, the Kaiser, and the Pass crassana. If, on the other hand, we are not interested in growing them but want to eat them cooked, we focus on Madernassa, Volpina, Martin Sec and Spina Carpi.

Pears and chocolate: an irresistible dessert

A delicious dessert made from Pear, combined with chocolate, exists in numerous variations and everyone cooks it as he prefers, also accompanying it with other ingredients that increase its goodness. I know the recipe with the chocolate shortcrust pastry to be filled with a delight prepared by mixing 140 g of dark chocolate, 200 g of cream, 2 large pears, 2 eggs, 50 g of sugar. You will bake a docle with peeping caramelized epre, to be decorated with cream or powdered sugar.

Sweet ricotta and pears

Ricotta and pears is also a very promising recipe, lighter than the previous one but which does not make you regret anything in terms of flavor. There Cheesecake Ricotta and Pears it is simple to prepare, excellent as a variant to the usual cheesecakes with berries. It is prepared with 300g of ricotta, 120g of sugar, 4 pears, 100g of butter and 300g of dry biscuits. To sweeten even more, 1 tablespoon of honey, 250ml of liquid cream and 1 jar of pear jam

Ricotta and pear for children

Even the little ones can enjoy the goodness of the combination Ricotta cheese and pear, ingredients often used for baby food. A branded packaging of 200 grams on Amazon it costs 1 euro and it is difficult not to like it.

A 100 g jar contains the ideal amount of fruit for a meal or snack, contains 91% pears, and then sugar and vitamin C.

Pear and pear physique diet

We do not cultivate false hopes, there is no connection between pears and pear-shaped body. Neither in a positive nor in a negative sense. Eating pears is good for you but does not solve aesthetic problems that are sometimes partly constitutional.

Pear and diarrhea

There Pear as we have seen, it gives a hand to discharge, so it is excellent for those with bowel problems. The fiber contained in this fruit absorbs a large amount of water and helps the stool pass faster. Here because Pear is a friend of those who suffer from constipation and hemorrhoids and reduces the risk of colon cancers, but it does not cause diarrhea unless you eat a really disproportionate amount but we are talking about almost inhuman numbers.

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