Canicross: what it is

Canicross: what it is

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Canicross, not a fashion but a serious and very healthy discipline born when we humans felt the need to train sled dogs even in the summer. Without snow or with little snow, what to do? Here we had to give up the comfortable sled and - legs on the shoulder - run together with our quadruped friend. Today we can talk about sport, referring to Canicross, there are competitions and federations, many enthusiasts, in increasing numbers, both people and dogs.

Canicross: what it is

Before we say what it is, let's say that it's not "jogging with a dog" otherwise the samples would be many. Instead, it is a dog discipline known all over the world with this name and which sees dog and owner running on a dirt road. For run close together, they are connected just physically, with belt, line and bib.

A dog is not born an athlete but it can be easily trained. It is certainly important that there is an excellent feeling between the animal and the owner and that even the master is "trained" or, rather, trained. The dog helps the man by pulling him but can not brutally drag it!

Canicross: how to get started

There are many methods to get started, as with any sport, there are many schools of thought and strategies that claim to be among the best. I will certainly not be the referee in this match, the only essential step for start doing Canicross it is the philosophical approach that must be playful.

It is a beautiful experience that unites a lot of dog and owner, but it must be understood as a game and never become a reason for stress, neither for those on a leash nor for those who are holding the leash.

Canicross in Italy

to know more in our peninsula full of paths on which to test yourself, I recommend the site with information and references that allow you to find how and where to start, in any region we live.

First of all, let's find out about the rules and characteristics necessary to practice this discipline. For example, it will seem like a stupid curiosity but I have asked myself and I give you the answer: yes, while running, the dog cannot stop freely to go to the toilet, must wait for the stops. The same goes for the master! Let us remember then that we advance with the dog two meters in front of us so the understanding must be maximum.

Canicross harness: where to buy it

Specific equipment is required to dedicate yourself to Canicross and the bib it is an essential part together with the belt and a cushioned “rope”. We can find a very practical one, on Amazon, at 37 Euros, weighs less than 200 grams, one size fits all and adjustable.

Canicross: complete kit

On the other hand, those who are so convinced that they want to dedicate themselves to Canicross and want to buy the complete kit, with 59 Euros can find it in Amazon, consisting of belt, line, harness and booties, that is to say the shoes to protect the paws of dogs if they have the very delicate fingertips.

Canicross: indicated breeds

The Husky and Jack Russell are the dogs by definition suitable to stand out in Canicross but in general all Nordic breeds do well, so also the Samoyed and the Alaskan Malamute. Pointing dogs like Kurzhaar, Pointer and Weimaraner they begin to specialize also in this discipline obtaining excellent results,
The greyhounds, then, are sometimes chosen for their speed, others for their particular resistance, still others for the obedience and understanding they create with the master.

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