Greenhouses for apartments

Greenhouses for apartments

Greenhouses for apartments: how to make an apartment greenhouse with DIY and affordable market proposals.

Agreenhouse for apartmentsallows you to cultivate tropical species that otherwise could not adapt to the home environment. Or, more simply, onegreenhouse for apartmentsit can be an enchanting design element, with an incredible aesthetic effect.

In commerce they are foundapartment locksfrom the most varied dimensions and from different materials. To choose thegreenhousemore suitable, it will be necessary to evaluate its solidity and resistance, its practicality and size.

On this page we will talk exclusively aboutgreenhousescompact. For larger greenhouses to be placed on the balcony or terrace, please refer to the relevant article:greenhouse on the balcony or terrace.In the same article you will find a practical tutorialdo-it-yourselfwho will explain how to make a small greenhouse to keep on the balcony or at home.

Greenhouses for apartments

In this paragraph we will offer you some ready-to-use products and creative ideas to create, in full autonomy, an apartment greenhouse tailored to your needs.

Greenhouse 1 meter x 1 meter
Price from Amazon: 46.85 euros, with shipping costs included in the price.

It is a very functional greenhouse for apartments or balconies. Made entirely with polycarbonate panels (the same ones used to make partitions in modern apartments) and aluminum profiled frame. The polycarbonate panels guarantee excellent thermal comfort for plants grown under greenhouses.

It is extremely light and very large: the base is one square meter. It is 48 cm high and has two large windows to allow air changes and eliminate the problem of condensation.

The purchase of this greenhouse is recommended only if you have a lot of space available.Warning!The greenhouse will arrive to be assembled, so a minimum of dexterity is required.

Ikea ornamental greenhouse
Price from Amazon: 49.34 euros with shipping costs included in the price.

This is an Ikea greenhouse now out of print. It has the appearance and size of a beautiful onegreenhouse for apartmentsof great ornamental value.

It has a very sturdy frame (in steel) and transparent sheets capable of letting light and heat through. The dimensions are very compact. The Ikea indoor greenhouse is 45cm wide, 22cm deep and 35cm high. It can hold 2 medium sized pots or several small sized pots. It can be used to sprout seeds or to grow carnivorous plants.

The Ikea "Socker" Mini greenhouse (shown in the photo above), just like the previous one, has two upper windows to ensure air circulation and cold temperatures in the hottest periods of the year.

Unlike the greenhouse seen above, this is less functional because it is small in size. It has a high aesthetic impact and does not require any assembly as it will be delivered to your home already assembled.

Indoor mini greenhouse terrarium
Price from Amazon: 28.69 euros with free shipping.

This greenhouseterrariumit is even more compact. It can be easily stored on a shelf or between the shelves of a study library.

DIY mini apartment greenhouse

A small indoor greenhouse can easily be made by recycling a specially cleaned old aquarium tank.

Alternatively, you can make an apartment greenhouse by following the initial steps of our tutorial dedicated to building an aquarium.

For this DIY you will need glass plates of the right size for your needs, non-toxic silicone sealant and acetone. You can get bespoke glass panes from a typical DIY storeLeroy Merlinwhich also takes care of the cut. Alternatively, you can contact a good glassmaker. Complete instructions on how to make a small indoor greenhouse can be found on the page:how to build an aquarium.

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